DIVERGENCE Returns This Summer

After nearly a year-long hiatus, Popular Uprising returns in less than two weeks with the hit action sci-fi webseries, Divergence. Leading man, martial arts action star and series action director Dan Southworth reprises his role as a former soldier whose mistaken case of PTSD turns into a life or death struggle to uncover a larger conspiracy.

Southworth is best known for his roles in several TV and film roles which include Power Rangers: Time Force, the Thousand Pounds Action Company short film hit, Street Fighter X Tekken, U.S. Seals 2: The Ultimate Force and the martial arts powerhouse action thriller, Broken Path. Southworth is also slated to appear in the long, awaited upcoming second season of Mortal Kombat: Legacy, which is set to premiere a little later this summer.


DIVERGENCE is an action/sci-fi series starring Dan Southworth, Damion Poitier, Marta McGonagle, and Courtney Munch. The series follows former U.S. Army Intel officer Mark Leonard who struggles with paranoia and PTSD until he discovers that he is, in fact, being tracked by people...who can disappear into thin air. As Mark fights his way deeper into this mysterious world looking for answers, he encounters different factions attacking him or offering help—but few answers. Each new discovery draws Mark deeper into a mystery that seems to center on his own dark past.

DIVERGENCE is created by Douglas Horn and Dan Southworth of POPULAR UPRISING.

The series will air a new episode every week for five weeks beginning June 10. Follow Dan Southworth on Twitter or Facebook to learn more about where you can catch Divergence and other projects. Also remember to subscribe to the series YouTube channel and visit the official website for updates.


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