Albert Pyun To Revive An Old, Familiar Brand In THE KICKBOXER Webseries

Sasha Mitchell and Albert Pyun

Well, this is sone pretty huge news! Actor Sasha Mitchell has not been in the limelight much as an action star since performing in the sequels that followed the Jean-Claude Van Damme actioner, Kickboxer in 1989, directed by Mark DiSalle and David Worth. A fifth film was made in the same line of movies starring Mark Dacascos in 1995 directed by Kristine Peterson.

This week now, it seems a new report forwarded from City On Fire is breaking the story that Mitchell and veteran B-movie action filmmaker Albert Pyun, known for hit films like Cyborg,  Nemesis, and Mitchell's second and fourth Kickboxer movies, are collaborating to go the way of Kevin Tancharoen and David Sloan to develop a new webseries based on the hit film franchise titled The Kickboxer. Pyun explained on Thursday in a Facebook post stating the following:

Sasha Mitchell and I are discussing creating and making a limited web series called The Kickboxer. We'll try to explore a serialized story across 12 to 18 episodes. Sasha would play an American hiding out in a small village the backwaters of Ecuador, raiding his family in solitude and relative anonymity. One day he's spotted by a Cartel member on a mountain road who recognizes him from his days as a kickboxing champion and all hell Sasha's most iconic characters in a unique way. Clearly, we're still a ways off from shooting but this is how my careers has gone. I'm talking with someone (in this case Sasha) and ideas sprout and off I go. Cynthia will draft a script for at least a longer pilot episode and a series bible. That's next. along with pitching it in Cannes to see if foreign buyers might be interested. Then I'll pitch to US studios.

The style of action has changed invariably since the early 1990's when Sashes began featuring his skills in the Kickboxer film series, and in the hit TV sitcom, Step By Step. It's been twenty years now, and I would love to finally see Mitchell in something brand new and fresh with Mitchell back in the screen. He has done a few film and television gigs in the years since the Kickboxer movies, but the fact is that he has never had a chance to hone in his skills for more projects. Personally, I'm glad to see Mitchell back at it. So we'll see where this goes.

Photo Credits: IMDb, Dread Central


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