The Latest On Upcoming Film, LADY BLOODSPORT

Jean-Claude Van Damme and Bolo Yeung in Bloodsport (1988)

A while back a little film came out that launched martial arts actor Jean-Claude Van Damme to Hollywood superstardom. That film was called Bloodsport, which remains an iconic addition to the list of American action film hits of the late eighties, helping formulate and shape the way Hollywood created big action films for moviegoers alike. Eight years later, Bloodsport would evidently build its own home video franchise, shining the light on new action star Daniel Bernhardt to take the reigns of Van Damme as a new character.

Since then, Van Damme began revitalizing his career, despite the failed efforts to reboot the 1988 martial arts classic with "Salt" director Phillip Noyce, with a script by Robert Mark Kamen who chose not to include Van Damme's character in it, due to the dissociation from the first film; The superstar documented that telephone conversation on his reality TV show a few years ago.

Now in 2013, there is big news to share coming out of Bey Logan's B&E Productions has been trickling out to the public for a few months now, but things are continuing to look better and better for their latest developments regarding the production of LADY BLOODSPORT. The film also has a brief synopsis based on what's been summarized so far from previous newsletters:

A hidden tournament in a secret Hong Kong location. A clash of rival martial arts masters. A familiar scenario, but this time the combatants will be a world class array of fighting furies. ‘Lady Bloodsport’ sees a line-up of woman warriors do battle in a story of two rival martial arts masters who each train a student to compete in a secret underground tournament.

Casting is still on-going, but there is still a chance for those who are stunt performers looking for work on a major international production, and they are urging all auditionees to email Temur Mamisashvili at">

Meanwhile, things are finally piecing together for the few names so far attached to the project, which is being co-produced by Los Angeles-based Voltage Pictures, the same production company behind director Kathryn Bigelow's Oscar award-winning film, THE HURT LOCKER. The first of two names attached are Austrailian combat fitness coach, superfood expert and rising action star Jet Tranter (pictured below), and martial arts actress, dancer, singer and musician, Selina Lo.

Tranter recently expressed her excitement this month with a few Facebook posts, saying the following:

"I’m absolutely electrified for the fortunate opportunity to be selected in a starring role for the upcoming female fury flick ‘Lady Bloodsport’. The original movie featuring JCVD fueled a superior part of my passion to train in martial arts. It was always a secret fantasy for me to be a kick ass action star & I feel like my dreams have been heard. Luckily for me I spent the last 10 years preparing myself for a Kumite lol. I cannot wait for Hong Kong!!"

As of the release of Bloodsport in 1988, the film has been a hallmark of the modern Hollywood martial arts tournament movie. Now that B&E Productions are ready to bring a modern, action packed and feminine take on the story to the big screen, Bloodsport will be nothing short of an exciting return to the glory days of classic tournament cinema.

B&E are also releasing a few more productions throughout the year, including Borderland and Fist Of The Dragon. Other B&E-related projects include FANTOM with up and coming action star Tom Caserto, and GARUDA 7, a collaboration with Indonesian director Bagus "Arie" Arietam.

As it has been stated before, it is turning out to be a great year for martial arts cinema.

There will be more updates on these and other film titles, so stay tuned.


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