Producer Vipul Shah: COMMANDO 2 Is In The Works!

If the excitement of watching Indian action star Vidyut Jammwal light up the screen in the trailer and subsequent release for director Dilip Ghosh's Commando: A One Man Army wasn't enough, then prepare yourself for even more Kalari-stylized action from writer and producer Vipul Amrutlal Shah. According to several sources, the first film has garnered so much success that Shah and Jammwal are now busting out a bigger and larger-scale sequel.

The reporters at Bollywood Life got a first hand reaction from Shah this month, saying "The overwhelming response inspired me! People including the aged and even the women told me that the theme befits a sequel. Also, it’s not about success as much as it is about appreciation. We will of course touch upon an issue that the audience can relate to. The new Commando will be made on broader and better magnitude. Vidyut Jamwal, Pooja Chopra and music director Mannan Shaah will continue to be a part of it and the movie is expected to hit the floors by September,”.

In addition to the two pairing back together along with actress Pooja Chopra, Shah has brought on veteran Indian action star Akshay Kumar to help out with the production. Kumar's film credits include well over 100 film titles, including the film series he is most known for, Khiladi. The Times Of India, Shah says the following:

"According to me, Akshay is the best action hero in the country. He was the most excited when we started 'Commando' with Vidyut and, in fact, we'd have liked Akshay to be more participative in 'Commando'. However, he was too busy. But now in 'Commando 2', we definitely intend to bring Akshay in,"

Mum is the word so far as Shah has only disclosed Kumar's presumably anmounced level of participation as a "supervisor and consultant" for Jammwal who performs all his own stunts and choreographed the action scenes for the first film with his team.

Currently, the action drama titled Bullet Raja is up next on the Jammwal's to-do list, with director Tigmanshu Dhulia as he is also planning on opening his own martial arts school in Kerala where he will not only capitalize off of his film success to bring Indian martial arts to the foreground, but also, to implement his training to teach and empower women. The school is a personal dream of his, to which he pays tribute to his mother.

As for the production of Commando 2, Shah ardently vouches for Kumar and appears to promise something even greater from here on out when the film begins production.

Keep an eye out for future updates on Commando, because it looks like confidence is high here, making this another film bound for other markets, including North America.

Stay tuned folks!

Photo credits: India-Forums, Bollywood Life


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