New Teaser For GATCHAMAN

Jefusion recently forwarded a new live-action teaser for the upcoming sci-fi fantasy thriller, Gatchaman. The news comes seven years after a GG-animated feature film was announced in 2006, but failed to move forward with it after Astro Boy flopped at the box office, which led to an eventually settled lawsuit between Imagi and the franchise's creator, Tatsunoko, who began the franchise in the 1970's with director by Hisayuki Toriumi.

The film was helmed by Toya Sato and written Yūsuke Watanabe, about a team of five agents working for the International Science Organization who must harness the power of a mystical crystal that will grant them the powers they need to take on Galactor, a technologically advanced terrorist group bent on Earth's destruction by seizing its natural resources. The film will star Tori Matsuzaka Go Ayano, Ayame Goriki, Tatsuomi Hamada and Ryōhei Suzuki. Toho has slated the film for a domestic theatrical release on August 24th.

You can check out the teaser on Vimeo or YouTube.

Photo Source: Arab Seed


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