New Poster Art From THE NIGHT COMES FOR US Highlights A Year Loaded With Promise

Best year ever? I'd say. Let's get started. ;-)

Back in 2010 through May of 2012, as PT Merantau Films made headlines with the impending international success of director Gareth Evans hit films like Merantau and Seruban Maut a.k.a. The Raid: Redemption, it was also reported that the same company, in addition to the upcoming sequel in the works, would also be putting out two new genre films.

Today, one of those films is back in the headlines with some gritty new artwork as Twitchfilm now reports the first film with a script still in the process of being written will be a neo-noir hitman thriller set in the U.K. titled, The Night Comes For Us. The film, which is neither a martial arts nor a horror film (making this one possibly just an action thriller, though the jury is still out, I'd say) is being co-written by director Timo Tjahjanto, who is also behind the films, Macabre and Killers. The film is also co-produced by Gareth Evans under his banner, PT Merantau Films and XYZ Films, where Twitch writer Todd Brown is also partner. The film will feature Indonesian rising international action star Joe Taslim who has been making some heavy strides in action cinema since co-starring in The Raid: Redemption with lead action star Iko Uwais, who is reprising his role in the upcoming sequel, Berendal (reportedly to be titled The Raid: Retaliation upon U.S. release). Taslim is also slated for his upcoming role as one of the main badass villains along with actor Luke Evans in Fast And Furious 6 prior to his next appearance in Austrailian filmmaker Patrick Hughes's newly announced helmer, The Expendables 3.

The Night Comes For Us is slated to start production sometime during the Fall season when director Timo Tjahjanto has released his next 2013 film, Killers, an Indo-Japan co-production starring Japanese actor Kazuki Kitamura, which is also co-directed by Kimo Stamboel and produced by Evans.

After all said and done, it is expected that Chilean martial arts action performer Marko Zaror, who has made his way from films like Chinango, Kiltro, Mirage Man, Undisputed 3: Redemption and Mandrill, will set to co-star along with Indonesian martial arts action impressario Yayan Ruhian in One Good Thing, about a cop and a mob enforcer who team up to protect a young girl caught between rival gangs and crooked cops.

Zaror is also slated to star in Robert Rodriguez's grindhouse spaghetti-western Mexploitation B-flavor action thriller, Machete Kills, the upcoming sequel with actor Danny Trejo reprising his role as the lead. That film comes out in theaters September 8, 2013.

Whew! Be ready folks. What a year.

Machete Kills Poster: Don't Forget A Towel
The Night Comes For Us Poster: Timo Tjahjanto


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