KING OF THE STREET Hits North America This Summer!

New reports this week forwarded by Martial Arts Movie Junkie and Budomate reveal that Well Go USA has acquired the rights to the Mainland Chinese modern martial arts action drama, KING OF THE STREET, which was originally released in China on July 27, 2012. The film tells the story of an ex-con who is forced to protect an orphanage from a ruthless crimelord.

The film stars Yue Song who co-produced and directed the film with Zhong Lei. Becki Li, Liu Ming, Wang Zaihe, Yang Junping and Hou Xu also star in the film, and is co-produced by Patrick Kong Lingchen. Song also wrote, co-edited and choreographed the explosive, non-wired fight sequences in the film.

KING OF THE STREETS will hit your neighborhood on August 6, 2013 on Blu-Ray and DVD.

Northern China, the present day. After accidentally killing an opponent at the age of 16, and serving eight years in prison for manslaughter, street fighter-cum-martial artist Yue Feng (Yue Song) is released and finally gets a job with a removals firm. Hearing that the grandmother (Liu Ming) of the man he killed is an impoverished street hawker, he anonymously buys food from her stall to help her.

While doing a removal job for a privately run orphanage, he finds one of the staff is Yi (Becki Li), whom he’d previously helped when she was mugged in a backstreet. As he was also an orphan, Yue Feng starts helping her out in his spare time, and learns the orphanage head, Zhou (Wang Zaihe), is under pressure to sell the land at an unfair price to a ruthless businessman, Li Shao (Yang Junping), for a resort development. Yue Feng finally tracks down his boyhood friend, Hai (Hou Xu), who is now working as an underworld fighter for hire.

He invites Yue Feng to join him but the latter refuses. After Yue Feng fights off all the heavies who come to threaten Zhou, Li Shao agrees to settle the dispute with a fight between one of his own men and Yue Feng. On the day, however, Li Shao breaks the rules by fielding several opponents, including Yue Feng’s best friend, Hai.

Click HERE if the embed doesn't load, and stay tuned for new artwork and a new trailer pending the film's release!


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