Juan Manuel Olmedo Is Sworn To Vengeance In The Second Teaser For JUSTICIA PROPIA

Over the weekend, Argentina kicked the internet's ass into an elevator shaft, threw a grenade at it and blew it up with a new, ridiculously fun action teaser for director Sergio Mastroberti's martial arts action crime thriller,
Justicia Propia
. Juan Manuel Olmedo stars, produces, choreographs and performs the brutal and pulse pounding, vengeance-driven action that audiences will be waiting for upon the film's release sometime between now and early June.

Tonight, we now have a second teaser with new, dramatic footage depicting the set up for what promises to be a very fruitful international revenge thriller. English subtitles are now available, continuing this week's campaign showing what the filmmaking geniuses over at Stuntfighter Producciones are all about! Check it out at the bottom of the page, and if you haven't begun following the film on Facebook or Twitter, then get to it!

Diego Ponce (Juan Manuel Olmedo) is an experimented special force agent, who was always in charge of the most dangerous and difficult missions, such as hostage situations, counterterrorism, infiltration, etc. When a problem cannot be solved with the conventional ways, he was used as a last resort.

After many years of service at the Triple Frontier, Diego returns to his quiet city, wanting to get away from everything that caused him painful experiences, and also to meet again his family: his sister Graciela, his brother-in-law Eduardo and his niece Silvana who loves as she were his daughter.

Upon reaching his neighborhood, he starts serving with the Local Commissioner (Bicho Gómez) who immediately has to deal with him and his background experience.

On the birthday of her niece, on the same night of joy at the reencounter, Silvina is murdered.

Eduardo, full of pain, and knowing the skills of his brother-in-law, asks him to find those responsible without leaving any one alive, whatever it costs...

Diego, wrapped in fury, begins a relentless hunt. In his search, he begins to uncover a vast network of corruption and drug trafficking, where no one is clean.

Determined to discover the murderers of his niece, Diego faces a terrible truth...


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