J. CHEUNG Set To Star In Hip Hop Martial Arts Drama GOD NEVER SLEEPS

The streets of Hong Kong will light up the night later this year with two big international names in music and film.

Martial artist, veteran hip hop artist, action director and choreographer, actor, and thr3guys co-founder J. Cheung (pictured above) is set to star in a new Hong Kong urban martial arts action crime drama called GOD NEVER SLEEPS. The film is one of a slew of collaborative projects as of late being fast tracked in Hong Kong with veteran Hong Kong cinema expert and filmmaker Bey Logan, who is co-writing and co-producing the screenplay with hip hop media and art syndicate, writer and director Damon Dash (seen left) who is helming the film under his DD172 banner. Dash's previous film and acting credits include State Property, State Property 2, Weapons, Paper Soldiers, The Woodsman, Death Of A Dynasty, Paid In Full and Highlander: Endgame.

Cheung, who goes by the stage persona, Cryptik Soul, will play the lead character, a battle rapper, rehabilitated from his criminal past, who goes to Hong Kong to pursue a lucrative career in the music industry, only to get caught in the middle of a drug deal that will endanger his hopes for a new life. Coerced and caught in the crosshairs of the criminal underworld, he is now fighting for his life and forced on the run in the dark of night on the streets of Kowloon, where he must stay one step ahead of the demons of his past if he is wants to live the prospects of a better future.

J. Cheung A.K.A. Cryptic Soul with Damon Dash on the set of Dead Silence.

With the evolution of Thr3guys, J. Cheung's opportunity for a film and music partnership with Dash could not have come at a better time, after years of seasoning his skills as a rising performer with decades of training and experience as a bodyguard, a stunt coordinator and a martial artist having studied Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, Kickboxing and weapons training. Moreover, Cryptik's craft in hip hop and freestyle is initially what inspired Damon Dash to cast him in the first place, making J the perfect, concise pick for a film of this calibur. To J.'s credit, additionally, is the foretold spirit in which the lead character is illustrated, given the ups and downs that Cheung has faced in his own life, leading up to the versatile and multi-faceted businessman he has become today.

I asked J. about his takeaway from the last ten years through now and what lies ahead for him, his career and thr3guys. This is what he said:

Through ten years, I've learned the dirty politics of the entertainment industry and also seen the brighter side to things by working with a group of selectives (thr3guys) who are trusted, honest and hard working (which is hard to find in today's media industry). There's too much talking and not much doing from companies and groups... This doesn't change my perspective on anything though, as it makes it a challenge for me and the team to break through that habit. As the movie and music scene is forever evolving, The thr3 and Cryptik Soul will always be there to add that extra flavour to it.

J. Cheung kicking high in Nanhai

The film is still in the casting and crewing process, and fellow Thr3guys member and producer Charles Loi is the go-to guy for anyone looking for a part in the film. So for those who may be interested, be sure to e-mail him at charles.c.loi@gmail.com. J. is also attached to the Roger Corman production, Fist Of The Dragon, which is tentatively due out in December 2013. There is more to come in 2013 for J. and the crew of thr3guys, so stay tuned by following Cryptik Soul on Facebook and Youtube, and subscribing to the official thr3guys blog.

Photo Credits: Cryptik Soul, thr3guys, PR Web


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