"Hit Girl" Juju Chan Set To Compete In The World ITF Championships For Hong Kong In Bulgaria This Summer

Kung Fu action star, dancer, singer and former beauty queen Juju Chan is reportedly heading to Bulgaria to represent this year's World Cup ITF Tae Kwon Do Championships, which will be helf from July 15 through July 21 this summer. In an article posted recently at the Singapore online periodical, Lollipop, Juju stated "I've studied Taekwondo for three to four years and this will be my first time representing Hong Kong in an international competition...I've dreamt of being an athlete since I was a child so I will definitely do my best."

Since 2008, Chan has garnered several credits as actress, supporting actress and producer in films like The Other End Of The Gun, The Young Boxer, and the upcoming Roger Corman film Fist Of The Dragon, the latter starring Josh Thomson, Ellary Porterfield, Daniel Whyte and Maria Tran.

I rarely cover sports news since I can't keep up in course of the season. But considering the recent film news, I also want to mention that Chan and Tran recently shared the screen as two sexy, down and dirty leading action ladies in Hit Girls, a popular martial arts action comedy produced, edited and co-directed by Tran and filmmaker Adrian Castro, which was the result of a successful crowdfuding campaign late last year. Check it out below to get a glimpse of Juju's moves and look out for further updates on Fist Of The Dragon amd other projects, and subscribe to Maria's channel as well!

Feel free to share your thoughts on Chan's latest happenings in the comment section below.

*To learn more about the ITF schedule where you can find downloadable .pdfs with detailed information, click HERE.


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