The following footage you are about to see comes straight out of Cannes at an event called MIPCube (otherwise known as Marché International des Programmes de Télévision), an annual event gathering filmmakers, reporters and guest speakers to discuss productions across different venues. The footage comes from a half-hour clip featuring Jesse Cleverly hosting a segment in discussion with the writer and director of both seasons of Mortal Kombat Legacy, as well as the upcoming film, Kevin Tancharoen, and producer Lance Sloane regarding the topic of a creating a "split screen blockbuster", referencing the creation of the next game in parallel-productiom with the impending film.

In light of the upcoming second season of Legacy, online channel Machinima became the first internet venue to purchase airtime by broadcasting a shorter clip of the trailer from February on AMC. The move is a major milestone for Machinima and Warner Bros. as fans painfully and anxiously await as I do for Kombat to begin!

*NOTE: I have sourced my knowledge of this online clip directly from a post on the official Facebook page of actor, martial artist and co-star of Mortal Kombat Legacy: Season 2, Daniel Southworth. The 30 minute clip I shared on my own page was removed from Youtube, and I am aware of the sensitive nature of particular content. If the video is removed from YouTube, or if Mr. Sloane and Mr. Tancharoen have an issue with websites sharing this particular footage publicly and want it removed until an otherwise official sneak peek is certified and broadcast to the public, I will comply as requested.

The Mortal Kombat Legacy continues in Season 2 as Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Kenshi, and Ermac join the ranks. The rivalries and histories of these fierce warriors will unfold as Raiden and his recruits clash against the dark forces of Outworld. The epic battle for Earthrealm has finally begun.

UPDATE: You can now a view a cropped version of the footage HERE. No word yet has been given from any of the parties mentioned above about the stay or removal.

UPDATE 2: Still no word from Kevin, while the video itself is still accessible. I guess it is okay to leave up.


  1. Just more WB bs is all this is. I'll bet there is no MK legecy season 2. It's just all hype for a moive that isn't being made either.

    Year after year we hear of a MK movie, yet one never shows.


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