First Photo Emerges From "A MAN WILL RISE"?

A lot of time has passed since action stars Dolph Lundgren and Tony Jaa completed their respective projects. Lundgren will star in the upcoming post-apocalyptic zombie techno action thriller, Battle Of The Damned, and he recently finished up a film called Blood Of Redemption before flying out to Thailand and sharing a to begin a new project with Jaa, whose latest 3D martial arts ensemble actioner, Tom Yum Goong 2, is slated for release anywhere between now, August or possibly December.

This week, a new photo has surfaced featuring Jaa standing next to Lundgren, donning a cowboy hat and mustache. After googling a little bit, I found a thread over at TheVanDammeFans.Net where a user claimed to have verifiable info about the film. According to this person, the title of the film is called "A Man Will Rise".

While I rarely source questionable threads like this, it seems legit for a film title-at least until we can learn more about it. And I do intend to inquire more about this particular project, especially with so much happening with Jaa these days, with the epic production and awaited release of TYG 2, in addition to another project supposedly involving action star Jean-Claude Van Damme.

If I find out any new info from a source that is way more verifiable than a vague message board, I will be sure to update and gather the facts.

Photo Source: Eastern Film Fans On Facebook

UPDATE (8:00pm EST): Asian Movie Pulse provided new photos of the actors involved in the otherwise confirmed title of A Man Will Rise, including some additional info that the film was possibly originally meant to star Jaa with Jean-Claude Van Damme, as reported by Twitchfilm earlier on.


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