Alexander Skarsgard In Talks To Star In THE CROW Reboot, Not Tom Hiddleston

I was never a huge viewer of the hit show, True Blood. Point in fact, I don't see a reason to start watching since I have pretty much missed everything since the episode, LOL. But apparently there are people who love actor Alexander Skarsgârd, including the people looking to cast him as the lead in the upcoming reboot of The Crow to be directed by F. Javier Gutierrez.

In an article on Monday from Twin Cities by Chris Hewitt promoting three new movies set to release this year featuring Skarsgârd, the actor spoke about how he playing characters named "Eric" in relation to his character on True Blood, saying "After playing Eric the vampire for seven months on 'True Blood,' I'm always thinking, 'What's the incentive for me to play another character who is just Eric with a different name but the same personality?'...I do read a lot of scripts that are similar to Eric, but they're just not interesting to me."

I suppose it won't be too boring for the actor if, indeed, he is chosen to take after the titular role of "Eric Draven", played by the late great Brandon Lee. The film originally released in 1994 from helmer Alex Proyas and garnered international success, spawning three more films, plus a television series. Actors Mark Wahlberg, Bradley Cooper and James McAvoy were each tapped as potential names for the lead role since the film was announced several years ago. In recent reports, actor Tom Hiddleston was reported to be up for the role after perfoming his own make-up test at a dinner with producers, an update that has since been deemed as "blown way out of proportion".

Dunno what to make of that exactly. :-/

The remake is being penned by Jesse Wigutow, and is being produced by Jeff Most, Ryan Kavanaugh and Edward R. Pressman, with Tucker Tooley, Harvey and Bob Weinstein and Dan Farah serving as executive producers. Filming is expected to start this fall, so we should get some casting news as the year rolls on.

Photo Credit: Hot Ink Reviews


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