Youtube Channel FLOW Showcases Episode 2 Of THE HUNT

The stunt community is chock full of talented and highly trained martial arts performers, each with their own stake and share of learning and practicing various elements of filmmaking. And with ten years and counting, Vladislav Rimburg is no exception.

As a stunt performer, actor and martial arts director, Rimburg has worked with numerous award-winning independent filmmakers and stunt performers throught his blooming career, including people such as Eric Jacobus of The Stunt People, Fernando Huerto of Jabronie Pictures and Tyler Williams of Riot A.C.T.. Soon, martial arts cinema fans will catch a glimpse of some of his work in the ensemble line up of martial arts actors in the upcoming independent martial arts action comedy, Unlucky Stars, a tribute to the classic "Lucky Stars" films of the 1980s and Hong Kong action stylings of Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung which will unite actors from several teams, including Reel Kick, LBP Stunts Chicago and Zero Gravity.

Today, the action packed parkour channel, Flow, is showcasing some of Rimburg's latest work in a new short called The Hunt. With this being the second installment, I will inquire about the first and post it on my facebook page. Meantime, check out the shortfilm below, featuring professional martial arts performers and stuntmen Jimmy Chhiu, and Gui Da Silva, whose sizeable build, incorporated with his style, technique, grace and physicality are illuminating him as the Michael Jai White of his generation.

Check it out below, and don't forget to check the description where you can subscribe to their work via Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

Click HERE if the embed fails to load.

Photo: Tony Chu Photography


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