Want To See The New DREDD Fanfilm Trailer? Get More Likes!

Filmmaker Oliver Hollingdale took to Facebook this afternoon to announce a challenge to Dredd fans who have been long waiting for either the development of a sequel, or fan films by independent filmmakers of recent. Late last year, Hollingdale began pre-production of his inspired take on the comic-book movie character, built off the envisioned look in the 2012 film from director Pete Travis.

If you are familiar with the story, you pretty much understand that there very well may not be a sequel. But that has not stopped fans and followers from wanting more of that luster and creativity brought to life last year with actor Karl Urban serving Mega City One as the ultimate judge, jury and executioner. And since then, Hollingdale has shared as many goodies as he could without giving too much away, from video updates to development pics and a first still shot from the shortfilm.

However, Hollingdale is not just going to leave it there. As it turns out, he has a brand new trailer ready for everyone who has been keeping up with the film's progress. But he is not going to let up that easy...no no. He is also ready to make the fans earn their first peak. And to show that he means business, he has unleashed the official announcement teaser for Judge Dredd: Cursed Edge.

And by the way, if you have a facebook account, then watch the video below and feel free to LIKE THE PAGE and show him YOU mean business too! ;-)



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