Sneaky Zebra Is Looking To Deliver Justice In JUDGE DEATH

You may recall a while back that after the release of DREDD 3D, all hope was lost for a sequel due to its undeserved box office demise. Fans and critics were devastated, even as home media sales were boomed over the praise of such an excellent, gritty and brutal 3D theatrical release. This prompted recent efforts by indie filmmaker Oliver Hollingdale to help carry on the legacy of director Pete Travis with the new shortfilm, Judge Dredd: Cursed Edge.

Fast forward into March 2013 and now, one other group of independent filmmakers is daring to make its own kind of Dredd fan film with a unique twist to entertain audiences with. They are a UK-based independent film company called Sneaky Zebra, relatively known as Steve & Nick, and they need YOUR help to bring action fans like us a bold new take on the titular character with a visionary production of JUDGE DEATH.

Watch the Kickstarter campaign video below, and click HERE to find out how YOU can take advantage of the next 44 days to contribute, and ultimately benefit from the perks of what is hyping to be another solid passion project by talented filmmakers looking to do "Dredd" some JUSTICE!

Remember to follow Sneaky Zebra on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.


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