Rhett Reese And Paul Wernick Speak Out On Deadpool

In a recent interview to promote this week's release of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, screenwriting pair Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick invoked a few words on preparation for the script about another comic book adaptation that has been waiting to hit the film set for a while now, Deadpool. Read the following exchange from ComingSoon.net:
CS: Is there any update on "Deadpool"? I know a lot of people are very, very eager for that one.

Reese: There isn't. What has happened so far is that we wrote a script, which we subsequently developed. It actually leaked online, so it exists out there. It's not hard to find, bizarrely. Since then, Fox gave Tim Miller, who's our director and a wonderful guy who is brilliant at what he does, some money and had him go make a test sequence. He directed about a three-minute long test sequence from the movie, all built within a computer. Ryan Reynolds did the motion capture for it. He came in and did the voice for it in an audio session. It is awesome. It is the greatest three minutes.

Wernick: If we showed it to you right now, you would lose yourself.

Reese: So that's out there. Ryan is still committed. Tim is still committed. It's just a question of convincing the powers-that-be that we can make it at a price that's reasonable to them and have it be an R-rated movie that can still make a lot of money. We love it when R-rated movies like "Bridesmaids," "The Hangover," and "Ted" do well.

As reports began developing, director Tim Miller, who is currently working on his next film, Artemis, has been tapped to helm the movie with Reynolds, who has been highly vocal about making the film an R-rated feature, playing the lead. Other than this bit of news, nothing else has been said or mention with regarding any activity about the production. Recent reports, however, indicate the studio heads in charge of production have some cold feet regarding making a movie out of Deadpool. Actor Ryan Renyolds explains in a recent report from Empire:

"I love Deadpool and there is a script that's in development. But it's so, so far into the R-rated zone... it's a nearly NC-17 world and I just don't know if the studio would ever risk their reputation doing it."We've been developing it and we would never wanna do it unless you could it that R-rated way, so... it's sitting there. You could do it for a pittance compared to the modern sort of epic scale superhero movies; it's about a guy who knows he's in a movie and knows he's in a comic book, who is deeply mentally disturbed and hyper violent. And that's tough to get by a studio."

Reports also indicate that the film may address Deadpool's previous appearance in the film, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which prettu much undoes previous articles suggesting otherwise.

I don't know about you all but I'm dying to see this three-minute test footage and call it a day, lol.

Stay tuned.

Photo Credits: Deadpool Bugle, Script Mag, Geek Tyrant


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