New Trailer For Mathieu Weschler Film BORDERLAND

A trailer has been newly featured for an upcoming film called Borderland. The film is a new martial arts action movie produced by Aeternalis Films and the Bey Logan-owned B&E Productions, the same company behind the upcoming film, Fist Of The Dragon.

Borderland is directed by Mathieu Weschler and stars Sedina Baldè, a 5-time World Karate champion with film and TV credits as an actor, producer, stunt performer and fight choreographer, with such projects that include Femme Fatale, Unleashed, Hitman and Casino Royale. The film also stars producer Bey Logan, along with Jason Tobin, Richard Sammel, Jared Robinson, Muriel Hoffman, James Gerard, Kirt Kishita, Sabine Crossen, Michael Chan and Simon Yin with action choreography from Gwor Shrfu and stunt coordination from co-star Antony Szeto.

SYNOPSIS via Aeternalis Films, interpreted/tsltd. thru Google:

Gabriel, a intelligence operative is sent to the Sino-Korean border to find an agent thought to be dead. Ultimately, things turn for the worse as mission goes awry and he wakes up in captivity, forced to fight his way out of a North Korean bunker filled with soldiers who are ready to kill him.

You can catch some BTS photos at Bey Logan's Alive-Not-Dead profile by clicking HERE. Stay tuned for future updates.


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