New Set Photo From Michael Jai White Actioner FAVELA

New photos are being shared on Twitter in promotion of the new film from Moonstone Films for the upcoming martial arts actioner, Favela , directed by Ernie Barbarash (Assassination Games, 6 Bullets). Actor Michael Jai White, who is set to star as the lead in the film, recently shot off a teaser photo into the Twitterverse to express his excitement for the film, declaring his role as the role he has waited his "entire career" to play.

FAVELA - The first installment of our new FALCON action franchise. The franchise will revolve around former marine John "Falcon" Chapman, a dark anti-hero driven by guilt, who will destroy himself unless given something else to destroy - a useful weapon-of-last-resort for the foreign ministry. The first movie, FAVELA, sees Chapman traveling to Brazil to hunt down his sister's killers, in the process discovering an underground world of drugs, prostitution, and police corruption ruled by the Japanese mafia. Directed by Ernie Barbarash and starring Michael Jai White as Chapman, the franchise will produce 1-2 movies a year following Chapman as he is sent to exotic locations to do the foreign ministry's dirty work.

The film will also star Neal McDonough and Laila Ali, with action choreography by Larnell Stovall (Berandal/The Raid: Retaliation, Undisputed 3: Redemption, Mortal Kombat Legacy), and is set for release latet this year. Stay tuned for updates.

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