Mike Möeller Lands A Knockout Blow To North America This Summer With ARENA OF THE STREET FIGHTER

It was around the German release of the 2005 action film, Kampfansage that that I started expanding my taste in martial arts cinema a little more. It was the first time I took notice of action stars Mathis Landwehr and Volkram Zschiesche, and some of the brightest talent working under them in their field, including martial arts action performer, stuntman and actor Mike Möeller.

I have seen Mike's 2010 and 2013 reels a few times, and I am even more delighted now to see that what I am seeing in them is finally making its way to North America on DVD, with the release of the multi-award winning martial arts action revenge thriller from Generation X Group Film- & Medienproduktion, Arena Of The Street Fighter (previously released as Urban Fighter a.k.a. "Street Gangs"). The film also happens to be Mike's directorial debut, and is being celebrated by some of the best of the best in the martial arts action film industry, including Eric Karson, Isaac Florentine, and Don "The Dragon" Wilson, with its lead actor and director Mike Möeller, emerging through the hype as Germany's answer to Jet Li and Tony Jaa.

That's a big standard to set from the greats of action cinema. And without question, if I were you, I would take their word for it!

The film's cast sees Mike reuniting with Landwehr and Zschiesche, along with Oliver Juhrs and Nico Sentner who also served as co-executive producers. The film also stars Michael Bornhütter, Eskindir Tesfay, Michael Braun, Steffen Jung, Alessandro Janus, Najely Chumana and Sigo Heinsich.

With any luck, the film will be granted a North American release in early June. Until then, be sure to visit Möeller's official website and follow the film on Facebook as well.

The vicious and blood thirsty "Slater" runs the most violent gang in the land. There are those who dare not to join gangs, like Mike and his friends. But when Mike's brother is killed; he will fight to take vengeance on those who killed him & end their reign of violence in "Arena of the Street Fighter".

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Photo Credits: Facebook, IMDb


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