Mark Dacascos Is Back In Action In Manila With OPERATION ROGUE

Martial arts action star Mark Dacascos took to his official Facebook fan page a little over twelve hours ago or so to announce his latest new film project, Operation Rogue.

Aloha & Mabuhay from the Philippines! Left Honolulu and arrived in Manila last night. This is my 4th trip here; I love the Filipino people! I am excited to work with director Brian Clyde-Sechler (again) and his crew, Treat Williams, Joe Suba (again), and Sofia Pernas, as well as the excellent local Filipino cast and crew members (for some of them it will be our 2nd, 3rd, and maybe even 4th time working together). Guess what? I play a "good" guy in the film! Who knew?!!:) Will send photos as soon as I get the chance. Aloha, MD

Director Brian Clyde previously worked on the 2006 direct to video military actioner The Hunt For Eagle One starring Mark as a U.S. Marine leading a team on a rescue mission to stop terrorists from launching biological weapons. The film, which also starred actor Joe Suba led to a sequel in which the two also starred, but with director Henry Crum.

Fortunately, the lineage for martial arts cinema doesn't stop here for filmgoers who like Williams, as he is set to star in the upcoming John Stockwell film In The Blood with Danny Trejo and MMA action beauty Gina Carano. And last but not least, fans will get their reprieve when Dacasos appears in the upcoming second season as the character Kung Lao in Mortal Kombat Legacy directed by Kevin Tancharoen.

Not much is known about Operation Rogue or its synopsis, aside from the names listed which inclines this will be an action film. So hopefully we will see an official synopsis in the days and months ahead. For now though, subscribe to Mark's fan page in the aforementioned link above for further updates!

Photo Credit: DacascosFan


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