It's Good VS Evil In The Hit Spy Vs Spy Series, THE ADVENTURES OF SUPER7EVEN

His origins are unknown. His name and face are a mystery to the world and beyond. A jack of many trades, he holds true to his moral code as a masked superhero and a super agent for T.H.E.M.. He is an international man of mystery whose name is a name that strikes fear and hate in the eyes of his enemies, especially when they (T.H.E.Y.) see Red...literally.

They (T.H.E.Y.) call him....Super7even!

The Adventures Of Super7even is an inspired action comedy webseries that pays ohmage to the classic vigilante, Eurospy and superhero film and television shows of the 1960s and 70s, starring Jerry Kokich and Olivia Dunkley who also co-produce. It also stars Anne Leighton, Terry Shane, Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez, Glenn Takakjian, Andrew Palmer and Glenn and created and directed by veteran actor, stuntman, stunt coordinator, director, producer and New Jersey native, Scott Rhodes (a.k.a. Robert Griffith).

This exciting webseries, going on its fifth season since launching in 2011, takes you on the adventures and misadventures of the super agent known as Superseven, and his ex-wife-turned super sexy sidekick often-reluctant partner, rogue agent Sandra West. Together, with the help of Super7even's lovely tech-savvy weapons expert and gadgeteer, Sparky, the duo/trio of super spies must come to terms with their newfound love/hate work relationship to face danger, mystery, espionage, intrigue and explosive epic battles against robots, monsters, mad scientists, gorgeous assassins, and the evil agents of T.H.E.Y., the notorious polar opppsite of T.H.E.M., led by none other than Big O.

The Adventures Of Super7even has all the charm and trimmimgs of a great product for any fan of action who appreciates the classics. Followed by a talented cast and a great script with an even greater vision, the show applies a tried and true formula for entertainment that achieves multiple things. It pays tribute to the successes of past television shows and films that have helped embody the action genre and the sub-genres therein, and it pokes a little fun at itself in the process, incorporating lots of wit quirky comedy with action, suspense, melodrama, gun battles, sexy women, swordfights, bellydancing and more.

All in all, filmmaker Scott Rhodes has come a long way in his career, especially after having endured an injury-related stroke not too recently. He is admired and respected among his colleagues while continuing to perservere with his creativity and his passion for what he loves most, having adapted a classic perspective of film to appeal to modern audiences and continuing to deliver on his potential with a fun and wonderful show.

If you wanna learn more, the official website can give you all the goodies you need. Meantime, check out the first episode below, or click HERE if the embed fails to load. And don't forget to subscribe to the Youtube channel and view the rest of the award-winning webseries!


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