Stan Lee To Co-Produce 'Perfect Chinese' Superhero Film, ANNIHILATOR

Several reports came out as of last week from a press release about an upcoming new film based on one of Stan Lee's latest comic book creations, Annihilator, which has been in development since 2011. The feature film will be based on a script from screenwriter Dan Gilroy, whose previous works include Real Steel and The Bourne Legacy. It will be produced by Stan Lee alongside Barry Josephson and Magic Storms Entertainment, along with Douglas Falconer and Chinese state run National Film Capital who is also co-financing the film, which will consist of a budget of up to $150 million dollars.

Eric Mika, chief-executive of Magic Storm Entertainment had this to say about the new partnership:
"Barry is the perfect partner at every level to produce a film of this magnitude that targets a global market, including mainland China,

"Barry's talents combined with Dan Gilroy's explosive script makes Stan Lee's treatment extremely powerful and a cornerstone for a unique franchise."

"Annihilator" which Lee describes as "the perfect Chinese 'hero'", tells the story of a young expatriate named Ming, who is forced to partake in a secret US super soldier program involving use of targeted genetic enhancements from various animal species. Having survived the nearly fatal procedure thanks to his family's traditional practice of Qijong and martial arts, he is now tasked with using his newly enhanced skillset to not only confront a formidable old enemy, but face his own inner demons as well.

No word has been given yet on casting or who will choreograph the action or direct the film.

I gotta say...I do wonder if this will begin a new trend of martial arts superhero films...

One can only hope. :-)

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