New Webseries "PULSE" Coming Soon

(Originally shared on 1/29/13, now updated for links and content)

Something is cooking with director Chris Crutchfield and fight choreographer Vonzell Carter over at Triple Click Productions behind a new webseries called "Pulse", starring co-creator Desiree Abeyta, Frank Rautenbach, Rebecca Honett and John T. Woods. Feel free to take a look at the following behind the scenes photo album HERE, provided by on-set photographer Michael Amico.

If you are familiar with Vonzell Carter's work with Thousand Pounds Action Company, you can suspect that what Triple Click has to offer will be nothing short of mind-blowing, especially with the director who is also an actor and a motion graphics designer, working with art director Tayen Kim and animator Blake Benyon on board. This is looking pretty exciting, although mostly speculation for now. But LIKE the page and keep close to the "pulse" of what's happening! ;-)


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