New Trailer For Short Fan Film, TOMB RAIDER: NO ANGEL

Infinities Edge Studios is an independent film company based in Bookham, Surrey, U.K., founded in 2011 and run by cinematographer, writer, VFX editor, director, novelist and independent filmmaker Andrew Dobell. Dobell's previous films include Nahab, Dragonborn, Confrontation and Assassin, two of which he accredits Artyfakes for creating prop weapons and other designs.

Dobell recently unveiled the new trailer for the latest shortfilm, TOMB RAIDER: NO ANGEL, starring Tabitha Lyons as Lara Croft, along with Annabel Bates and Robert Holden, with Jon Hutton, Ross McDowell and Darrell Wilson. Further credits go to hair and make-up artist Kalissa Bentley, boom operator Nic Samiotis, driving and catering by Lorna Lyon-Smith, location Manager Phil Branscombe and costume designer Krystina Kitsis.

While hunting for an artifact in a cave system, deep in the wilds, adventurer Lara Croft discovers she's not the only person in the caves looking for it. As she moves through the caverns, it becomes clear that she's encounted this person before, on one of her earliest expeditions shortly after the events in the Dragons Triangle, and last time things didn't end well for Lara.
But sometimes, you get second chances...


Dobell explains his motivation and some of the creative processes for Tomb Raider: No Angel:

"I wanted to do something that tied into the new game being released, also, I'm a big fan of the character so it was a natural fit for our next project.
I was keen to use both the classic Lara and the new Young Lara outfits, so I chose to use an Adam Hughes-designed classic costume as he's my favorite artist working today who does simply awesome work.
I also wanted to use an actual cave so when I was introduced to Phil at Labyrinthe, I knew we could do something really cool.
I do hope people like it."

Dobell shares a passion for storytelling and making short narrative films, attributing to such genres as action, sci-fi, horror and fantasy, often with strong female protagonists. As such, he recently completed filming and began post-production for his latest and first-ever crowdfunded super heroine action short fan film tribute, Black Cat with UK-based premiere martial arts stage/film stunt team, SG Action, with team member Eleanor Whitfield in the main role.

Dobell is always looking for people to work with in fulfilling the creative process, so to learn more about his work, feel free to contact him through his official facebook page at the top of the article, or visit his official photography website.

Also, subscribe to his YouTube channel, and don't forget to subscribe to SG Action stunt team on Twitter and Facebook.


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