New Shortfilm Trailer: FAHRENHEIT

Lunar Stunts is an independent action film team, originally founded and started in 2005 by Eric and his younger brother, Irvin, in Washington state. In the last eight years since, they have collaborated with several independent action filmmakers such as Fernando Jay Huerto of Jabronie Pictures and Eric Jacobus of The Stunt People, and their base of operations is now located in Southern California, with five members skilled in martial arts and performance, including Eric and Irvin, who are trained in Hapkido and Kukkiwon Tae Kwon Do at their father's dojo. The other three members include Zach and Alec Turner who are trained in MMA and Hapkido, respectively, and Andrew Unke who is trained in Brawl-style Karate.

Eric Nguyen has unveiled his latest trailer for the upcoming shortfilm, Fahrenheit, which stars Irvin Nguyen as a man who must find a way to clear his name after being convicted of murder he does not remember committing. The cast also includes Tru Min Do, Lunar Stunts member Andrew, and Eric who a s served as action choreographer, writer and director.

Fahrenheit is expected for a mid-March release. Watch the trailer:

You can find more of their work by subscribing to their YouTube channel, as well as their Vimeo channel. And also, don't forget to LIKE them on Facebook.


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