Narayana Cabral is a natural-born athlete, multifaceted in martial arts, freerunning, gymnastics, aerial body manipulation, and skateboarding. Growing up in Southern California, he has since applied himself from a very young age, working to illustrate his abilities on both sides of the camera, performing stuntwork and comprehensive stunt coordination and fight choreography, teaching, editing, direction and cinematography.

With lifelong dreams of becoming a martial arts action star, inspired by such contemporary action hits such as Ong Bak, The Forbidden Kingdom, The Raid: Redemption, Ip Man 2 and Undisputed 3, his years of incorporating his physical prowess with years of independent filmmaking experience has led him to train and work with numerous people, from Micah Brock, Shaun Charney and Chancler Hayes, to martial arts cinema greats like Erik Betts and Art Camacho. (You can view some of Narayana's training footage with Art Camacho here and here.)

Narayana also attributes the pursuit of his dreams to the exemplary success story of international action star, filmmaker, philathropist and Guiness world record holder, Jackie Chan

"Jackie Chan and his stunt team are what inspired me to want to make my career in the stunt industry. My life-long goal has and will always be to work side-by-side with whom I think is the greatest stuntman in film history, Jackie chan."

Not to be overlooked, as much as Narayana enhances his skills and training in stuntwork, he also prioritizes acting as a necessity. Pivotal to any film project involving stuntwork, he recognizes acting as a major importance for earning better performances on the screen, whether your the hero or the villain, whether the role is a small or a huge one, or if you are performing stuntwork or reciting lines, or a combination of any of these things.

"Acting is a key component in performing stunts. A stuntman may not be verbally acting, but is always physically acting. One must sell the emotion of the character through movement."

Narayana recently unveiled his latest stunt reel on his YouTube channel in which he displays his versatile physical skill set, which he spent years perfecting and crafting into a modern filmic art. Set to the song "Off With Her Head" by Icon For Hire, Narayana Cabral invokes sheer talent with a knack for sticking to what he knows and loves as he continues to evolve toward greatness.

Enjoy the reel:

Don't forget to subscribe to Narayana Cabral's Youtube channel, as well as the official channel for Fight Factory for more of their previous and upcoming projects.


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