Four-Part Webseries "SLUG STREET SCRAPPERS" Ends Its First Season With Episode Three

The official Facebook page for Whirlwind Action has just made its latest announcement regarding the first season of Slug Street Scrappers:

Bittersweet news:Due to repeat scheduling issues with multiple performers, Slug Street Scrappers 3 will be the final episode of the first series. There might be a new Scrappers series in the future, but for now, we plan to go out with a bang with Slug Street Scrappers 3. The trailer will be released within the next couple of days, and the full film should be ready sometime in March.However, Whirlwind Action is excited to announce it's next web series, "Maces & Mages". It's a fantasy/comedy series based on the old "Golden Axe" and "Might & Magic" video game series. Casting has already begun, and production should begin in late Summer.

Slug Street Scrappers originally spawned as a four-part webseries in a collaboration between two independent action film groups, Whirlwind Action and Dragon Phoenix Entertainment, featuring colorful costumes and set pieces resembling the look of a unique live-action fighting game-based story starring Micah Brock, Shaun Charney, Katelyn Brooke, Anna Kristina Ranoso, Jimmy Chiuu, Tess Kielhamer, Mari Saito, Narayana Cabral and many other talented young martial artists. Episode 3 filming just wrapped up its last action scenes over the first weekend of February. Look out for the season finale, coming soon on the Whirlwind Action YouTube channel, with new characters and costumes added to the mix!

Feel free to subscribe to the channel, as well as the page in the link at the very top of the article.


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