DEATH GRIP, a 2011 co-production of The Stunt People and Action Pact Entertainment and finally released on DVD and Blu-Ray in 2012, is by far one of the best independent martial arts action movies you will ever see. It has elements of comedy, love, tragedy, and classic fight sequences in a story written, edited, choreographed and directed by Eric Jacobus. The film also stars Nathan Hoskins, LaChe Milo, Rebecca Ahn, Caitlyn Corson and martial arts action star and EYESHINE frontman Johnny Yong Bosch, along with SP veteran stunt performers such as Cheslea Steffensen, Ray Carbonel, Alvin Hsing, Shaun Finney, Lucas Okuma and Edward Kahana Jr.

Trust and believe when I say that this film took more than everything that Eric had, along with the generous contributions of others to help make this film happen. Furthermore, having previously seen various shortfilms by SP, and their very first feature film, Contour, after catching Death Grip's pre-teaser fight clip, I had nothing but high hopes. And as an action fan, I VERY pleased to see what the film had to offer. Watch the trailer after the jump:

If you have an open mind, and you are a lover of the action genre and want to see more time and money invested into better quality martial arts action films from martial artists who can tell stories, act and perform quality action choreography and stuntwork, films like Death Grip are YOUR movie. And I highly recommend you CLICK HERE to purchase your copy, as well as other SP products!


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