ENSO Productions Presents New Indie Action Shortfilm "DE OPPRESSO LIBRE"

Walter Garcia has trained in several styles of martial arts and self-defense sports since the age of 4. Now 24, he currently holds a fourth-dan blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do and has spent the last several years earning his stripes and applying his training on film as, among other things, an actor, producer, production designer, writer, stuntman and fight choreographer, as well as an independent filmmaker.

His Florida-based indie film company, ENSO Productions has unveiled a new martial arts action shortfilm to kick off 2013 titled, "De Oppresso Libre". Directed, choreographed, shot and edited by Garcia, the shortfilm is an urban crime drama starring original ENSO members Travis Gomez and Jenn Harris, about a Green Beret who falls into a bout of drunken depression and chooses to seek vengeance against the criminals who got away with attacking him and murdering his girlfriend.

The film is straightforward with almost no dialogue, illustrating pure, moment-to-moment transitions the protagonist goes through between tragedy, sorrow, anger and ultimately, hatred. "De Oppresso Libre" also stars action stuntmen Joe Nin Williams, Eric Salas, Josh Diogo, Carlos Lopez IV and George Quinones. Enjoy the film! (If the embed below does not load, click HERE to watch the film instead.)

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