Chow Yun Fat Set To Appear In COLD WAR Sequel

Chinese Films and Yahoo! Singapore are reporting that actor Chow Yun Fat is set star in the sequel to the 2012 Hong Kong action cinema smash hit, Cold War. The first film was written and directed by Lok Man Leung and Sunny Luk and made its premiere at the 17th annual Busan Film Festival in October of 2012, became a major success after grossing $100 million in just five days after its theatrical release.

Cold War starred Aaron Kwok, Gordon Lam, Terence Yin, Charlie Young, Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Andy Lau, Andy On, Grace Huang, Michael Wong and Chin Kar-Lok who also served as action director with Wong Wai-Fai. It was produced by William Kong, Matthew Tang, Ivy Ho, Catherine Kwan, and was distribited by EDKO. The sequel itself is set to begin shooting later this year.

COLD WAR Synopsis:
In Asia's safest city, the police have long been untouchable. Approaching midnight in Hong Kong, police headquarters receives an anonymous call: a fully-loaded police van carrying the force's most advanced equipment and five highly-trained officers has disappeared off the grid. The hijackers possess direct knowledge of police procedures. They're already steps ahead. The police must meet a list of demands to ensure the hostages' release, including the delivery of a large ransom. Any delay will cost lives. The clock has begun to tick.

Cold War Trailer:

Cold War is now available on Blu-Ray and DVD wherever films are sold.


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