The official Facebook page for independent filmgroup Jabronie Pictures has made an announcement regarding its latest push for funding for their original webseries, Battle Hero Absolute:

Today on February 19, 2013, our Indiegogo fundraiser for Battle Hero Absolute has become 100% fully funded at our goal of $4,000, with 9 days left to spare. We have the greatest fans and friends in the world. Thank you those who supported us and donated. I will donate $100 myself to Rady's Children's hospital as a gesture of gratitude. Additional donations are welcome, as it will be used to fund the second season.

Battle Hero Absolute is an original webseries created by and starring Jabronie Pictures founder Fernando Jay Huerto and Jabronie Pictures actress Sunny Smith. The story attributes itself to Japanese pop culture superhero television shows like Kamen Rider and Power Rangers, focusing on a college student and his best friend who are gifted with wrist bands that grant them the power to transform into armed superheroes with special abilities to fend off a secret alien invasion one villain at a time.

Click here to view previous episodes, and also, click here to learn more about their latest collaborations and other awesome projects.


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