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LAYER OF LIES: The Race Begins For Ramin Sohrab's Debut Martial Arts Action Feature Now Filming

EXCLUSIVE: A filmmaker will go the extra mile to make a film happen, and with a concept that feels so good and workable that they're willing to risk more than enough. Finnish-Iranian actor and martial artist Ramin Sohrab certainly fits the mold with a career lasting up to a decade and wearing several hats throughout his career thusfar whilst primarily calibrating hismelf as Iran's answer to the likes of Jet Li or Donnie Yen.
Malek, his 2014 proof-of-concept action short was a terrific exhibition of his skillset following four years of slow development in Iran and preceded another four years of even slower progress. His 2017 concept proof, Viulu, proved equally stellar despite taking it to BiFan at Korea last year in hopes of stirring up some funding only to end up seeing those efforts fall short as well.
Thus, landing right back at square one and with eight years in and nothing to show for it, Sohrab decided to tweak his 2014 gig just enough to earn the appeal of censors in Ira…

THE HIT LIST: January 15, 2018

It's been something of an eventful weekend; things happened and by Saturday evening I was ready to hibernate away from social media through Sunday no matter what... Then I got a surge of energy and figured I'd put it to use and besides, there's still a plethora of content to share including in this week's Hit List that I've been collecting and I intend to introduce them now that I'm awake.
Besides, these stunt reels were pretty stimulating and very much kickass with Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe highlighting his work load going into 2018. He kicks off this segment followed by reels courtesy of Jessie Simpson, Benjamin Alexander, Mélodie Veillard, Eliver Ling, Ivy Haralson, Geoffrey Boggs, Thekla Hutyrova, Kawui Joa, Ikeda Ai, Arman Ansari, Katelyn Brooke, Jon Orozco, Li Jing, Gui DaSilva, Caitlin Hutson with a Batgirl-inspired stunt promo of her own and Thom Williams with a spectacular stunt coordinator reel to top it all off.

Actor, martial artist and filmmaker got i…

Crowdfunding For THE MARTIAL ARTS KID 2: PAYBACK Launches At Indiegogo

Crowdfunding officially kicked off on Monday with a new Indiegogo campaign for The Martial Arts Kid 2: Payback. Action stars Don "The Dragon" Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock are back and co-producing, as well as rejoining a cast of returning and new faces led by title star, actor Jansen Panettiere, and once more with writer/director Michael Baumgarten who helmed the first film as well as last year's Paying Mr. McGetty.
Plot details are unknown for the sequel following the first installment centered on an embattled teenager struggling to face the odds in a new neighborhood with help of his martial arts expert sibs, Uncle Glen and Auntie Cindy. Returning are Brandon Tyler Russell, Matthew Ziff and martial artist TJ Storm to reprise their roles with Chuck Zito emerging for the sequel next to actor Sasha Mitchell and with award-winning stunt coordinator James Lew back to direct the action.
Florida's Cocoa Beach will again serve as the backdrop from a script by Baumgarten with …

TRAFFIK Signals With Harrowing Suspense In The Official Trailer

Writer and director Deon Taylor (Supremacy) is currently making headway readying his next narrative film project, .38, a police drama which tackles the interwoven tales of cops, civilians and criminals in a single night on the dangerous streets of St. Louis, Missouri. That news comes in the wake of the recent campaign for the April rollout of his next completed thriller, Traffik, which now has a trailer circulating and looks to stir some rightful hype as an exciting thriller with Omar Epps, Paula Patton and Luke Goss starring. In the action packed thriller, Patton and Epps play a couple who are off for a romantic weekend in the mountains, isolated at a remote estate. The couple are surprised by the arrival of two friends, Sanchez and Alonso when the weekend takes a dark turn. The foursome are forced to fight for their lives in this action packed thriller and will stop at nothing to protect their secrets. The rather timely release of news over .38 was a pretty smart move as it gets pe…

John Wick Spin-Off Series, THE CONTINENTAL, Lands At Starz; Keanu Reeves To Executive Produce

We've long known since last summer that a television spin-off series set in the John Wick universe was in the making. Pan over now to this week's events over at the Television Critics Association where news is just making headway for the series, The Continental, with word that the show has landed at Starz with actor Keanu Reeves attached.
Serving as showrunner will be Chris Collins (Sons of Anarchy, The Wire, Man in the High Castle) who will also pen the script outlining the show's forte exploring the auspices of the titular assassins' luxury hotel chain as seen in 2014's John Wick and last year's John Wick: Chapter Two. Thunder Road's Basil Iwaynk is executive producing along with franchise scribe Derek Kolstad, who has been building up his workload ever since then in addition to his latest start on STXfilms's Nobody with 87Eleven.
Chad Stahelski and David Leitch who helmed the 2014 film and shared seperate duties on its sequel will also executive produc…

Cinedigm, Crimson Forest Announce EXTRAORDINARY MISSION, KUNG FU TRAVELER And More In First Wave Of Titles For New Distribution Deal

Leading indie distributor Cinedigm announced a new partnership this week with Asian distribution label, Crimson Forest Films for a multi-year deal that will gage domestic releases across all home entertainment channels, including DVD/Blu-Ray/4K, digital platforms, cable and satellite VOD and broadcast television. With audiences in North America and select titles for international territories in their purview, the first film to release from their slate will be bomb disposal thriller Shockwave starring Andy Lau, which accrued $58 million dollars at the international box office, and eventually arrived on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital last week from Cinedigm.
Following suit is Alan Mak's Hong Kong actioner, Extraordinary Mission, which Crimson Forest gave a limited release last Spring. Also in tow are Cheng Wei-Hao's Taiwanese horror hit, The Tag-Along on February 6, 2018 through Digital and its bigger scale sequel in April on DVD, and actor and martial artist Tiger Chen's sci-fi,…

THE MONKEY KING 3: Aaron Kwok Defends A Kingdom Of Damsels In The Official U.S. Trailer

It's high time for the rollout of promos to present Soi Cheang's The Monkey King 3. With the 2014 installment becoming a hit and launching a franchise with a much more solid framework in its sequel, phase three now moves us forward once more with Aaron Kwok shepherding the narrative once more as we journey into an all-female kingdom with our heroes now faced with even greater foes and diar circumstances. The third installment of the blockbuster fantasy series sees the return of the Monkey King (Aaron Kwok) in his most action-packed adventure yet! While continuing their epic journey to the West, the Monkey King and his companions are taken captive by the Queen of an all-female land, who believes them to be part of an ancient prophecy heralding the fall of her kingdom. With a lot of sorcery and a little bit of charm, the travelers devise a plan to escape. But when their trickery angers the mighty River God, they realize they might just bring about the foretold destruction - unl…

BREAKING-IN Sees Gabrielle Union's Parental Instincts Go To Work In The First Trailer

Ninja Assassin and Survivor helmer James McTeigue is turning in what looks like an exciting new thriller starring actress Gabrielle Union who also produces. Readying a release in May, Breaking-In now sees the new Bad Boys TV spin-off joined opposite actor Billy Burke and the young screen talents of Ajiona Alexus (Empire) and Seth Carr (Terminator: Genysis). Next Mother’s Day, Gabrielle Union stars as a woman who will stop at nothing to rescue her two children being held hostage in a house designed with impenetrable security. No trap, no trick and especially no man inside can match a mother with a mission when she is determined on Breaking In.Obsessed and No Good Deed producer Will Packer also produces among the bunch from a story conceived by executive producer Jaime Primak Sullivan with a script by Non-Stop scribe Ryan Engle. Check out the trailer below!

A BETTER TOMORROW: Don't Miss The Official U.S. Trailer For Ding Sheng's Heroic Bloodshed Revamp

It's arguable that not a lot can really be generally said from an opinion point-of-view about director Ding Sheng's take on the latest heroic bloodshed reimagining, A Better Tomorrow, unless anyone's seen the film in full; I'm not really sure myself that it's remake in the usual sense but the director hasn't really disappointed me in the past.

Thus, while reapproaching a classic  John Woo property may be frowned upon, time will tell of this treatment pans out or not. For now though, while the intial teaser from last year wasn't much to go on, the latest official trailer seems to delve into the narrative more accordingly ahead of its U.S. limited open on January 19.
A former drug smuggler attempts to start his life anew and repair his relationship with his estranged brother, who is an up-and-coming star in the police department’s narcotics division. Darren Wang, Wang Kai and Ray Ma lead the cast. North American filmgoers curious to check out the film next we…

Bob Odenkirk Set To Play NOBODY For STXfilms And 87Eleven

Deadline's exclusive this week writes that Bob Odenkirk (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul) is readying a new action thriller with STXfilms and Hollywood film production and action company 87Eleven. Nobody is the name of the project and has Odenkirk joined by Marc Provissiero through their Odenkirk-Provissiero production banner along with  Braden Aftergood producing, and Derek Kolstad scripting.
The story follows a man who comes to the defense of a woman being harassed by thugs, only to learn later that one of the men he put in the hospital is the brother of a drug kingpin, now out for vengeance. Kolstad, whose already full plate in the past year currently consists of a third upcoming installment to the current John Wick film franchise along with television spin-off, The Continental, as well as The Steward for Cristal Pictures and a Hitman series at Fox 21 and Hulu, will also executive produce. 87Eleven's John Wick franchise duo David Leitch and Chad Stahelski along with Kelly Mc…

Han Yan's Cyberpunk Actioner, DREAM BREAKER, Impresses With Spectacular Visuals And Style In The Latest Trailer

Beijing Film Academy graduate Han Yan is stepping out in strong fashion these days. The latest trailer for cyberpunk action sci-fi thriller, Dream Breaker, is all-but-proof of this with a cast led by actress Chen Duling who recently appeared in Hiroki Ryuichi's Namiya novel adaptation.
Actor and young talent Song Dawei also joins in for the film's sprawling narrative which reportedly centers on a young girl whose investigation into her father's suicide leaves her trapped in an illegal VR game. The film's development and production was targeted specificially toward today's audiences tethered to the digital age with a design aided remarkably by Sono Sion (Tokyo Tribe) who also executive produced the film.
Jetavana Entertainment holds the rights to this particular project with the hopes of launching a franchise bolstered by YA audiences. While we await an exact release date, the aforementioned trailer below is available and all the more validates my earlier point. Take…