Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Review: John Soare's THE DANGER ELEMENT (2016) Plays It Safe With Tons Of Action And Ingenuity

The past couple of weeks or so, for me, have been ravaged by work on top of updating the site, though I found myself stumbling upon a peculiar looking trailer at the time. It was untitled and it drew my curiousity enough to press the play button, and before I knew it, I was sampling a montage of action, science fiction and fantasy and martial arts, and above all else, actor Doug Jones in pure sinister fashion in what I later identified as the new film, The Danger Element, formerly a webseries and now an upcoming feature film from star and director John Soares.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Amy Johnston Is Hungry For The Fight In A New Still From FEMALE FIGHT CLUB

We don't have much to go on for short film director Miguel A. Ferrer's feature debut, tentatively titled Female Fight Club which wrapped filming sometime late last year. What we do know, however, is that it will be one of several titles to feature Amy Johnson, a Hollywood stuntwoman among many who have arisen in the ranks to make way into a full-fledged acting career, and deservedly so with quite a few noteworthy performances in various shortfilm and proof of concept projects already under her belt.

The Hunt Is On In The New Trailer For Jonas Cuarón's DESIERTO

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan isn't playing around this season as he's hellbent on terrorizing a harmless group of Mexicans desperately seeking better life. Actor Gael Garcia Bernal spearheads the brunt of that chase in Desierto, a film rightfully earned in its place as a festival favorite among critics and moviegoers alike.

[UPDATED] OPERATION MEKONG Commences This Friday In North America And Canada

Well Go USA is putting the word out this week for its simultaneous release of director Dante Lam's latest, Operation Mekong. An official U.S. trailer is not yet online but we'll post it at the very bottom of this page should it go live before the film's September 30 release this Friday.

JEAN-CLAUDE VAN JOHNSON To Report For Duty In Full Next Year For Amazon

While we await further updates on Jean-Claude Van Damme's schedule to Kill 'Em All, Amazon Studios officially put out a press release announcing the pick up of three pilots for series advancement in 2017. The announcement accordingly pertains to Jean-Claude Van Johnson, the new action comedy launchpad from industry stuntman and helmer Peter Antico which has bestowed acclaim as one of the best rated most viewed pilots within the past month next to that of Jill Solomon's I Love Dick and Wally Pfister's The Tick.

EXCLUSIVE - Tony Jaa, Wilson Yip And Sammo Hung To Seize Their FATE Starting In October

International action star, actor Tony Jaa drew huge attention when we broke the news of director Gary Mak's ensemble Asian 'Expendables' style thriller, Makeshift Squad. The good news is that the film is still bound for production and so you need not worry there, while, and on even better terms, readers would be wise to keep an even closer eye on Jaa starting this week.

Monday, September 26, 2016

THE HIT LIST - September 26, 2016

Well, as much as I wanted my weekend to be an eventful one, I can't say it was or I'd have more to discuss this week and share with you all. Hopefully the rest of the year will pan out much better, but it is still bustling in the world of stunts, action and independent content, and if you don't believe me, well...

Sony Moves Up HARBINGER To Kick-Off Its Valiant Comics-Based Cinematic Universe

It was last Spring that people learned a little more about Valiant Comics as it notched up its credentials with a publishing deal through DMG Entertainment for several of Valiant's properties. That news later followed through with an announcement shortly thereafter regarding Sony Pictures's stake in establishing a cinematic universe leading up to a Harbinger Wars adaptation, inspired by Valiant's 2013 crossover event publication.

Never Bring A Gun To A Cage Fight In The New LUKE CAGE Trailer

Apart from other plans currently being set in motion, I know how I will be spending my weekend following September 30. Enter actor Mike Colter as Marvel's newest hero on Netflix, Luke Cage, post Jessica Jones with the goal of a new pacifist life in Harlem until once more disturbed by the rising crime wave courtesy of Cottonmouth, played by actor Mahershala Ali.

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: An Interview With Steven Yu

You might recognize the video above if you follow independent martial arts movies. Videos like these are a culmination of years of fandom and the hard work it takes to keep that fandom alive, and there's no question that actor, martial artist and stunt fighter Steven Yu has contributed his fair share, and with any luck, still is.

As it is, Yu is one of the dozens and dozens of people I've been following in the world of online independent film since 2004 when I first started watching tricking videos and Zero Gravity practice fights for my own evening enjoyment. (Sometimes my Quicktime player [I owned a PC, not a Mac] would crash, whereas my Windows Media Player would save the day. Fun times).

Jump over to 2005 and short films like Stephen Reedy's award-winning kung fu ninja comedy, Undercut would propel me into the workload of the San Francisco-based stunt and martial arts film team, The Stunt People, who would then go on to win further cult acclaim with their 2006 indie feature, Eric Jacobus's Contour, and if you haven't found yourself a copy of that movie yet, REDEEM YOURSELVES and buy it here, or get it here, or even here, OR here or even buy it here.

Anyway, back on topic... Yu had a small role in the film, but still marks a notch for his own career preceding his latest comedic role in Dennis Ruel's recently-released feature-length debut, Unlucky Stars, which instantly services fans as one of the best action films to date, and has possibly one of the best cameo appearances to an independent film of this caliber, much deserved at that, and in which Yu also appears. Yu talks briefly about this, and a whole lot more in an interview that I honestly didn't see coming, and I as you're reading this, I laughed as I typed it.

It's funny. Some of these performers taper off and disappear while others manage to stick around somehow, even if they aren't fully active on set nowadays. That said, Yu's craft in art and painting are also what peaked my interest as I grew up doing pencil drawings most of my young life, and it left me curious to see if Yu's direction here would go somewhere. As it turns out, that does appear to be the goal with a crowdfunder now running for his newest sci-fi action neo-noir fantasy graphic novel, Neo Eras which presents an amazing story so far and some intriguing artwork you will be able to view in this interview.

Personally, I hope Neo Eras becomes a thing after today. Only you guys can help make it happen, and Yu deserves every bit of support he can get. I say this as a fan of martial arts movies, and as someone who knows what it is like to be an artist climbing uphill against the tumbling boulders of life.

Enjoy the interview!

Film Combat Syndicate: Greetings Steven and thanks for getting back to me! How has the year been for you so far as we approach the Fall season?
Steven Yu: The year has been pretty good. Just moved to LA from the Bay Area and trying to adjust to the heat!