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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Support THE FORGOTTEN KINGDOM On Indiegogo And Help Joey Min Defeat An Army Of Deadly LARPers!

I've actually written about independent filmmaker, actor and martial artist Joey Min a few times. He's been around nearly as long as any of the online content creators and stunt professionals I've enthused about in the last ten years and he's definitely one of the most talented people I've seen on both ends of the camera, and having finally met him late last year certainly made for a memorable evening among friends in 2014.

Watch The New Trailer For SWORD OF VENGEANCE

Period sword-swinning action adventures are always up for grabs, and on this note, director Jim Weedon's latest offering with Sword Of Vengeance is prepping for a limited release on March 20, 2015. Well Go USA has provided a trailer below, and if gritty sword epics are your thing, this one should be just as pleasing.

Fox Orders THE EXPENDABLES To Script For Television

May 2015 be the age where all things action make way for the small screen! Ironically, the last franchise you would expect to be going straight to television would be The Expendables, considering its R-rated ensemble back in 2010 and 2012 promising a revitalized era of the glory days of old-school action from the 80's and 90's...before this happened.

Producer Adi Shankar Gives DREDD 2 Hopefuls A Crash Course In Sequel-Making

It's been more than two years since the release of director Pete Travis's Dredd 3D scored as a major hit among critics while failing commercially at the box office at large. Accordingly, fans who loved the film compared to its 1998 predecessor have been pouring in droves online to celebrate the film's achievement in delivering a quality feature film adaptation while pressing hard for a sequel in some capacity, and as it stands, that goal has been slow to take, at best.

Celebrate #InsurgentFanDay With A Star-Studded Q&A

There's not much to add that hasn't already been said about the upcoming release of director Robert Schwentke's The Divergent Series: Insurgent. As much of a challenge it is to imagine and interpret already-existing properties with cinematic potential, the live-action adaptation of acclaimed author Veronica Roth's YA novel franchise has a major cult following especially after last year's Divergent from director Neil Burger, now working on a production model that other PG-13 action movie franchises are now echoing.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Help Crowdfund Mattson Tomlin's New Feature Thriller, RENE

Moviegoers all have their own tastes. Some prefer solid genre films while others aren't very selective, and of course it takes a good filmmaker to make a movie work no matter what vision entails. As of late, independent director and crowdfunding patron Mattson Tomlin fits such a profile for the sake of his latest crowdfunding venture on Kickstarter for the new film, Rene.

It's All Tony Stark's Fault In The Newest Trailer For AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON

May 1, 2015 won't be too far off, although it's imaginable that superhero fans are counting the days until Marvel's turns the page with the forthcoming release of director Joss Whedon's Avengers: Age Of Ultron. All of your favorite heroes will be there, fighting side by side, and soon enough against each other as billionaire Iron Man Tony Stark's own hardware ursurps itself into an evil superior robot overlord named Ultron.

CONtv Launches, Fans Rejoice!

Post by CONtv.

Well, the wait is over and comic-con fans and moviegoers now have another venue to vent their fandom with. Wizard World and Cinedigm's CONtv officially launched on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 with an annoucement on the same day. There are definitely some perks to this venture and surely you'll be able to benefit with programming having already lined-up since late last year with more content to follow. Watch the video above and then read the details just below!

Screener Review: EL TESTIGO - THE WITNESS (2011)

On what seemed to be a normal day, Chelo, unexpectedly witnesses a murder. In the midst of the chase by the perpetrators, the cops mistake him as the killer. He will be forced to fight for his life.

It's not everyday you get to see a Puerto Rican-produced martial arts film...well, at least it felt that way until about 2011 with the rollout of director Andres Ramírez's action adventure, El Testigo (The Witness). Featuring the stylings of lead actor, writer and stunt coordinator Jose Manuel, the film was ultimately the first of its kind in Puerto Rico to reportedly cater to the martial arts movie niche. It's earned its share of awards and nominations for a reason, and while the genre is still slow to take in Puerto Rico among other parts of the world, one can only hope that the slow nature of progress in today's film industry will bring necessary change so more films like these get made. As for El Testigo, I had the honor of screening the film for myself this week and if this review ultimately means your own discovery of the film, by all means, keep reading.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Jon Foo Takes The Lead Of RUSH HOUR TV Pilot For CBS

Well, this just got a little more interesting. Sure, some folks have their opinions regarding whether or not the 1998 action comedy, Rush Hour should get a television reboot as planned since its announcement last September for Warner Bros. TV. Nonetheless, CBS has itself quite the series going for itself and it will be intriguing to see how well the cast of this series will bode with home audiences.

Holt McCallany Enrolls As The Villain In NBC's WARRIOR TV Series Pilot

The last time I saw Fight Club, The Losers and Blackhat co-star, actor Holt McCallany on television was back in 2000 during the short-lived run as an exiled former solider-turned-freedom fighter among three other co-stars for one of the best shows on television. The show was called Freedom, and the network at the time, UPN, cancelled its run and leftme nothing to do with my evenings.

Clive Owen Revenge Epic, LAST KNIGHTS Gets A New Poster!

Following last month's trailer unveiling of Casshern helmer, director Kaz I Kiriya's newest period action foray, Last Knights, provided the official poster art which you can now view just beneath. The film has seen quite a journey as its taken a few years to see through, but you can mark April 3, 2015 as the official date of the film's theatrical and video-on-demand release, with the promise of what looks to be an entertaining sword-swinging thriller of epic proportions.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Vicky Zhao Joins Shu Qi And Tsui Hark For JOURNEY TO THE WEST Sequel

Nowadays, actress Vicky Zhao's career prominence has seen some great influence in recent years between directing and staking a near 10% ownership claim in Alibaba Pictures with her husband. I can't really speak fully on what that means for this particular report, although bearing this in mind it seems fitting that she seizes the opportunity to return to the screen in some capacity.

THE HIT LIST - March 2, 2015

Oh look! More videos. It's funny, really. I always expect to run short every week and I usually end up with at least 20 or more. This week I'm just shy of a few and I wouldn't be surprised if I missed any. Some of these gems are not easily detectable through simple searches.

Ethan Hawke May Reunite With 'Training Day' Cohorts For THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN

There's something to be said about a certain type of project and the goodness it brings when all the right people come together. In 2000, that very project came in the form of the award-winning crooked cop thriller, Training Day, directed by Antoine Fuqua and starring Ethan Hawke and Denzel Washington.