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Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Feature Film For Saman Kesh's 2013 Short, CONTROLLER, Is In The Works At Fox!

This is kickass.

BARELY LETHAL Takes Aim With A New Trailer And A Pair Of Release Dates

Now this looks like a teen romcom I can get used to. Actress Halee Steinfeld as a highly trained assassin looking for an out and finds her way into high school in search of a life she's been missing, only to see her past come back in a deadly way? Yes, despite the usual assortment of wit and adolescent camp you might normally find in any pubescent teen comedy, at least this one packs some heat.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Watch Amy Johnston's Teaser Announcement For RAZOR SHARP: RENEGADE

The last few years have taken off quite well for stuntwoman Amy Johnston who's managed to find her route in applying her craft toward becoming a formidable actress as well. A sample of her talents are presented in numerous online projects on top of her highly popular action demo from several years back shot at the formerly-titled White Lotus Kung Fu Academy in California, as her resumé expands further into stunts in leading roles as of late, notably the upcoming release of Chris Nahon's Lady Bloodsport and series premiere of R.L. Scott's Option Zero, and as of this week, the currently-developing sci-fi actioner, Razor Sharp: Renegade.

Shortfilm Review: BROKEN ANGELS (2014)

From L to R: Lian Toni Amado, Jeremy Sample and R Marcos Taylor in BROKEN ANGELS (2014)
Pure grit and controversy don't run short in director Tony Clomax's latest short film, Broken Angels. It's still getting film festival runs following its premiere late last year at the Urban Action Showcase and Expo, and I've since had the opportunity to screen it for myself this week. It's got it's flaws, but it does sing a few conceptual high notes.

Some More Wu V. Jaa In The New Trailer For For SPL 2: A TIME FOR CONSEQUENCES

It's clear that the biggest highlight of the upcoming release of director Soi Cheang's SPL 2: A Time For Consequences will be the cinematic match up between action stars Wu Jing and Tony Jaa. Much to our favor though, we now get to sample just a little bit more of the two going head-to-head in a brand new trailer following the first trailer last month; both take on similar tones, but this one has plenty of new footage between the action and drama that set it all up for the brutal finale to ensue. Plus, seeing Wu in a role completely opposite of what he played in the first film in 2005 opposite Donnie Yen will be a sure treat as well.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

JARHEAD: THE SIEGE Wraps With New Set Pic And Details

Scott Adkins in upcoming film, CLOSE RANGE (Studio: Company B)
Action star Scott Adkins is having quite the bustling year having made number one in China opposite action star and debut director Wu Jing in Wolf Warrior upon nabbing several roles with other expected appearances to come. One such role includes director Willam Kaufman's upcoming military actioner, Jarhead: The Siege, and we now have official information on the what cast and story will entail unveiled a few days ago via Scott Adkins's official website.

FURIOUS 8 Gets A Release Date. You Read That Correctly.

With events at this year's CinemaCon underway, it's been announced that Universal Pictures has officially planted a flag for Furious 8 on April 14, 2017. The recent seventh installment, Furious Seven, became a billion-dollar box office smash hit with domestic and global acclaim, continuing the fifteen-year long saga built on speed, in addition to a diverse cast and a sprawling narrative built on cars, thrilling action, and the biggest most thematically prevalent element within the film series, family.

OPINION: Too Many Robins Spoil The Soup

What do Warner Bros., Sony, Disney, and Lionsgate have in common nowadays?

Robin Hood on the brain.

STAR WARS: REBEL ONE To Possibly Add Sam Clafin And Riz Ahmed

Star Wars fandom continues to take full effect even after the events in Anaheim, especially while there's plenty of time between now and this December's eventful release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. That film is expected to begin a new canon beyond the previous six films with several memorable character to join the fresh faces of the galaxy, but equally as important, other faces will be attached to this new universe as well.

Intergalactic Pandemonium In The New Trailer For Sci-Fi Space Epic, INFINI

Aussie director Shane Abbess was sure to find his way to better prospects in Hollywood following his directorial debut in the 2007 winning Andy Whitfield starrer, Gabriel. Of course, that was before he decided that much of the progress he'd hoped for in Hollywood wasn't going to come anytime soon due to market saturation and the unpopularity of original content and evidently moved back to Australia where he eventually found himself in greener pastures for his latest contribution to the sci-fi action genre, Infini, which surely looks to give longtime sci-fi fans something to celebrate.

WB, DC & Mattel To Deliver DC SUPER HERO GIRLS This Fall!

It took awhile for Warner Bros. to get on board with a Wonder Woman movie long after several failed attempts to rebrand the popular female-centric property on television reprising. And rest assured, even that effort a snag recently before recovering with a new director. All in all, it's understandable that one can be led to wonder if the studio cared at all about lending a female the spotlight in today's movie and television fandom.

Wagner Moura Adds To Fuqua's THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN

For all the bruhaha from some critics over director Neill Blomkamp's 2013 sci-fi epic, Elysium, at best, it was a film I ultimately enjoyed. It especially landed actor Wagner Moura on my radar while I haven't yet seen his previous films, Elite Squad and Elite Squad 2 - they're on my watchlist, so all things in good time.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My Two Cents: SPECIAL ID (2013)

Director Teddy Chen's Kung Fu Killer is getting a limited theatrical and digital release here in the U.S. starting this Friday. In light of this, I decided to rent action star Donnie Yen's 2013 cop thriller, Special ID, one in a thematic trilogy of stylish MMA-formated Hong Kong action movies following the hits he's had with director Wilson Yip on S.P.L. in 2005, and Flash Point several years later.

Besson And Hoene Head For WARRIOR'S GATE Next Month!

Within the last few years following Luc Besson's co-production partnering of EuropaCorp with Shanghai-based Fundemental Films for a slate of English-language films, its package also included a fantasy martial arts film titled Warrior's Gate. Scant info has been granted for the latter, but thankfully things are about to change as production finally begins next month in lieu of current events at this year's Beijing International Film Festival.

Season Two Of Marvel's DAREDEVIL Is Coming To Netflix!

I admit, Marvel's Daredevil is a show that I definitely have to catch up on, especially with A.K.A. Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist on the way. This show's getting a second season as per the latest announcent with Charlie Cox back to reprise his role as the title hero, no less. I might have an awesome weekend on my hands coming. Deets below!