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J. Kerry's QI: SPACETIME WARRIORS Casts Wesley Wong With Andy Cheng To Direct

Prominent rising film star Wesley Wong (Sorry I Love You, Massagist, Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen, Falling In Love) has a forthcoming U.S. debut later this month with the release of Pacific Rim: Uprising. In the meantime, his career progression will continue forward with a starring lead role in the GenFilms SciFi original production, Qi: Spacetime Warriors, from renowned Hollywood action director and stunt coordinator and well known Jackie Chan cohort, Andy Cheng (Redline, End Game, Into The Badlands).
Described as a first-of-its-kind, epic Chinese, Hollywood-style sci-fi, Qi: Spacetime Warriors sees Wong leading the way as Wang Long Sheng, a Taoist Monk destined to become a Spacetime Warrior and save the universe from ancient inter-dimensional threats eager to destroy the world. According to press release details forwarded by City On Fire and Asian Movie Pulse, the film is based on a screenplay by writer, producer and filmmaker Jessie Kerry who won Silver for Best Original Screenplay a…

SICARIO 2: DAY OF THE SOLDADO Sees Battle Lines Drawn In The Explosive Second Trailer

Denis Villeneuve's 2015 crime opus, Sicario, was a solid piece of work from its premiere at Cannes that year through subsequent rollouts in December and following January. It's sequel has already begun its campaign and already looks to fare just as excellent, if not better this year with Stefano Sollima at the helm, and the brilliant penning of screenwriter Taylor Sheridan to credit once more.
For this, we have a June 29 release in store for the newly-titled Sicario 2: Day Of Soldado, featuring stars Josh Brolin and Benecio Del Toro reprising their respective roles as federal agent Matt Graver and underworld enforcer Alejandro. The narrative? The U.S. government's unilateral war on drugs by categorizing cartels with terrorist organizations - a plan that has all the trimmings for an explosive battle and an easy win...only until an innocent girl gets caught in the crossfire.
Just who is she? And where does this leave our mercurial anti-heroic assassin played by Del Toro in th…

THE HIT LIST: March 19, 2018

I had it in mind this weekend to try and review a couple of films. That effort compounded into one and mainly for all of the stunt reel and shortfilm content I absorbed. A lot of the entries I found and received were overwhelmingly good, although there was just some fat I had to cut. But... I think this is a delightful gathering!
Shai DeBroux is up first in a new round of stunt reels to start The Hit List for the week, and with a lively montage of material more than happily shared including her work at Sloyerstunts, Wolf Stunts and even with Vlad Rimburg to boot. Continuing the playlist are stuntman Eugene Bonislavskiy, Anthony Oh, Alexander Burgos, Gabrielle Perrea, Daniel Nelson, Adam Chase, Lyneé Orloff, Wales' premiere martial arts star and Hollywood fight coordinator Marcus Shakesheff, Brandon Smith, Steven Sandoval, Megan Taylor, Lucas Wilson, Dominique Smith, Zander Nicastro, Ashley Fidow, Cyrus Leisy, and a lively sampler from Quiet Flame Productions.

Time to promote some s…

HIGHER POWER: Independent Sci-Fi Breaks The Mold In The Official Trailer

VFX wizard Matthew Charles Santoro is applying his craft more than a decade later in his career with a sprawling new debut currently compelling filmgoers to look at independent sci-fi in a whole new light. Higher Power hails from Magnet Releasing on May 11 in select theaters, digital and VoD releases and the latest trailer is deservedly getting its preferred attention and praise. When the Universe decides what it wants, it's pointless to resist. With his family's life at stake, Joseph Steadman finds himself the unwilling test subject of a maniacal scientist in a battle that could save the world, or destroy it.Lorenzo di Bonaventura produced the film (as he did a number of blockbuster franchises) as well as Greg Siegel, Evan J. Cholfin and Ross M. Dinerstein. Ron Eldard stars along with Colm Feore, Jordan Hinson, Marielle Jaffe and Austin Stowell from a script by Santoro and co-scribe Julia Fair.

Watch the fantastic trailer below!

BIG BROTHER: Donnie Yen Leads The Rollcall In The First Official Teaser

I think it's safe to say that Donnie Yen is gonna crowd a LOT of fanboys this week. He's got numerous projects simmering and brewing in production or development and director Kam Kar-Wai's latest, Big Brother, will certainly be one of them upon its release.
Hong Kong's Mega-Vision Project Workshop announced the film at Filmart on Monday with Yen starring as Chan, a high school teacher who must apply his unconventional methods to get through his students, as well as face the unsavory past that haunts him. Yen is joined by Jess Liaudin who plays the menacing taxi driver in Julien Seri's Night Fare next to Boyka: Undisputed villain Brahim Acchabkhe, as well as Craig Miller of The Brothers Grimsby fame and Tanigaki Kenji serving up the fight action with a release currently pending.
Much focus on the narrative will be on the educational aspects and backdrop overall as Yen has promised in interviews and posts prior. That said, you can still bet this will be a solid sell…

MASTER Z: IP MAN LEGACY Brandishes New Sales Art For Mandarin Motion Pictures

Longtime actor and producer Raymond Wong took to the floor at Filmart in Hong Kong to launch Mandarin Motion Pictures, ripe with a slate still fresh with titles both new and pending. The move comes following Wong's sale of Pegasus Entertainment to Nice Rich Group Ltd. last October, which Wong launched in 2009 with son, Edmond Wong, after establishing himself for years as a staple film producer of Cinema City's Aces Go Places franchise, and with Mandarin Films in 1991 which served to produce the first two Ip Man titles.
This brings us to at least one important title to keep in mind with actor and action star Max Zhang whose career has since begun spanning across the world from Asia to North America. Moviegoers in the former will likely be first to bear witness to his latest headlining role in the Ip Man franchise spin-off, Master Z: Ip Man Legacy, which takes off from the hit success of director Wilson Yip's Ip Man 3 wherein Zhang paired off against starring actor Donnie Y…

Roy Chow's DYNASTY WARRIORS Rocks Out Online With A New International Teaser

Rise Of The Legend helmer, producers Roy Chow and screenwriter Christine To are back and stirring the necessary fervor for filmgoers awaiting the verdict on any and all info with the live-action adaptation, Dynasty Warriors. China 3D Digital Distribution Limited is hoisting its feature length take on the longstanding Three Kingdoms period fantasy saga more than 20 years since launching from Omega Force's KOEI Temco for PlayStation.
Two thousand years ago in China, there was a mysterious power called "Musou”. Any warrior with this power could defeat a million of enemy soldiers on his own, those who could control "Musou" were named as The Heroes of "Mosou". Towards the end of Eastern Han Dynasty, The Yellow Turban Rebellion broke out as the government gradually became extremely corrupted at all levels. Liu Bei (a civilian) led Guan Yu (a horsekeeper) and Zhang Fei (a butcher) to defeat the Yellow Turban Rebellion, but they got set up by corrupted officials, …

THE SCOUNDRELS Get Up Close And Personal In The First Sales Art For Taiwan Crime Pic

Ablaze Image is on hand at Filmart for Hung Tzu Hsuan's directorial debut, The Scoundrels, hailing from Golden Bell winning writer Huang Chien Ming. Their latest, gritty new poster art is now online along with fresh new details.
Rui, once a famous basketball player, faces his downfall and works as a street-parking fee collector, who also accepts jobs from a car theft gang.One night, a robber hijacks Rui when he accidentally spots a seriously injured woman in the vehicle. Now the police and the public see Rui as the suspect of the bank robbery, and the girl who could clear his name remains unconscious. How can Rui get himself out of this quagmire? The Taiwanese action crime drama also stars Wu Kang Ren, JC Lin and Hsieh Hsin Ying. A release date remains pending but alas, the poster below sets the tone accordingly.

Benny Chan's CROSSFIRE Lines Up Donnie Yen Action Thriller For EMP

Actor and action star Donnie Yen is maintaining his high profile at Filmart in Hong Kong, including a pair of titles currently being sold under Hong Kong’s Mega-Vision Project Workshop that list Kam Ka-Wai's Big Brother and Tanigaki Kenji's Enter The Fat Dragon. Both have made headlines quite a bit in the past year in addition to several others that are also being shopped at Filmart while the latest is just breaking out of Asia by way of Emperor Motion Pictures.
For this, we turn to a recent teaser poster circulating ahead of production for Call Of Heroes helmer Benny Chan action thriller, Crossfire. The project is being hailed as a big budget spectacle that will star Yen as a former police inspector who travels to South America to rescue his kidnapped wife. The title stand among a bustling raft of films hosted by EMP with Dante Lam getting first billing for another spectacular military action spectacle to follow up his previous successes in Operation Mekong (2016), and Opera…

LIMBO: Peep The First Teaser Poster For Soi Cheang's Action Thriller Announced At Filmart

Filmart is underway in Hong Kong and with it, a raft of titles being announced and discussed, the latest including actor Gordon Lam (Firestorm) in the new thriller, Limbo. Soi Cheang of The Monkey King and S.P.L. 2 fame helms this one now under Bravos's international sales roster in Hong Kong with Lam starring as a detective on the trail of a serial killer.
As Screendaily notes, Cheang pairs once more with producers Wilson Yip and Paco Wong with Mason Lee joining Lam as a rookie cop, with actress Cya Liu who stars as a woman assigned to the case while and burdened from accidentally killing the detective's family. Sun Entertainment Culture, Er Dong Pictures, Bona Film Group and Sil-Metropole Organization are producing the film which earned a presentation at Filmart on Monday which includes a first teaser poster.
Take a look!

Review: Dan Tondowski's ACCIDENT Stumbles And Tumbles Into Suspense Movie Mundanity

Dan Tondowski's directorial debut is easily a film anyone who's seen their fair share of horror and suspense thrillers has seen before. There's plenty to endulge in despite the mundane and predictable delivery and it's mainly up to the viewer just how much more of it is tolerable midway into his first film, Accident.
Bad decision making is a near-constant theme from the film's start as Caroline dupes her best friend, Jess, into trying to connect with friends to a gathering. Instead, they are left stranded moments before haplessly deciding to hitch a ride with two friends, Fred and Thomas, to get to where they need to go.
The rest of the narrative is as you would expect with the foursome suddenly crashing down a ravine. Hours pass amid heavy evening rain and with Caroline bearing the worst of injuries as she's trapped inside with no way out, in addition to a downed powerline, another damaged vehicle and an unsavory cliff - a predicament worsens after the girls…