Saturday, February 6, 2016

SMOKE ON THE WATER Action Franchise In Development At Thunder Road

In a market largely saturated by superhero movies, you can never have too many original action film properties, and producer Basil Iwaynk has been responsible for a number of them coming from under his production banner at Thunder Road. Titles like The Town, John Wick and Sicario come to mind and with much acclaim, and so when you hear news of a new a project underway from these folks, it's nice to know not to have to be too skeptical.

Watch The Newest Trailer For Season 4 Of Cinemax Series, BANSHEE

It's almost hard to believe that Cinemax's hit series, Banshee, is coming to a close after this year's fourth and final season. Bearing this in mind, it'll be interesting to follow if you've been keeping up with actor Antony Starr and actress Ivana Milicevic as their respective characters deal with troubling story arcs that pit them against some of the worst circumstances they've had to face.

Ilya Naishuller Announces New Trailer Edit For HARDCORE HENRY

Director Ilya Naishuller's Hardcore Henry (formerly Hardcore) is poised to release on April 8, and STX Entertainment is promising a robust campaign to promote the film this Spring and Summer. For this, SXSW Film Festival attendees can expect to catch this one in March earlier on with the trailer premiering on February 10 with a new logo that Naishuller has brandished on Instagram which you can view below.

Friday, February 5, 2016

DEADPOOL Promo Announces Manchester United, 20th Century Fox Distribution Pact

Apart from most things, it seems, there are things even Deadpool loves along with chimichangas and the color red. For this, we bring you the latest promo accompanying today's announcement from Manchester United in its global partnership with 20th Century Fox in lieu of upcoming film along with X-Men: Apocalypse in May, and Independence Day: Resurgence in June and other titles thereafter.

Ethan Hawke In Talks To Reprise TRAINING DAY Role For CBS, Smrz's 24 HOURS TO LIVE

Any chance you may have come across actor Ethan Hawke's name in recent history may be due to the fact that a small screen adaptation of the Antoine Fuqua's hit film, Training Day, is getting a spot on television in the months ahead. I'd call this a pretty momentous occasion now as it seems that word is now out that he's reportedly in talks to reprise his role in the new series for CBS, thus reuniting with directot Antoine Fuqua for the pilot.

TWO BELLMEN TWO: Watch JW Marriott's Kinetic New Shortfilm Sequel

William Spencer and Caine Sinclair have their work cut out for them with the online premiere of the new short, Two Bellmen Two. The JW Marriot hotel chain sets the stage for our lead actors in the company of music and movement performance troupe, Substance Over Hype with stunt sequences staged by James Hutchison, and actress Frieda Pinto and actor Ali Al Sayed also starring.

McGYVER Heads To The Big Screen!

CBS is currently busy working on bringing a preceding story arc to its small screen adaptation of the hit ABC series, McGyver. Furious Seven helmer James Wan is executive producing and directing a pilot for that iteration in place of previously hoping to direct a feature film which has been in the works for sometime now and once thought to be not happening at all.

ZAMBO DENDE Takes Flight In The New Series Trailer

It's taken roughly a couple of years to make happen, but now it's finally a reality with a future certain enough that it garners a series. I speak of director Riccardo Gabrielli R.'s latest treatment of author and creator Nicolas Rodriguez's digital comic franchise, Zambo Dende, a welcoming opportunity for film studios to venture into Latino superhero property beyond less obscure figures like Zorro or Miles Morales's Spider-Man, or that of Marvel and DC.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

RANGE 15: Real Life War Heroes Battle Zombies In The New NSFW Trailer

Writer and director Ross Patterson didn't have many fucks to give last year when he went to YouTube and released his no-budget hybrid creature feature, Helen Keller VS. Werewolves. Rest assured, it wasn't exactly a setback as it garnered him just enough attention from the film-hungry folks ovet at military brands Article 15 and Ranger Up who took to Indiegogo to crowdfund their latest sci-fi zombie romp, Range 15.

Z Moves Forward With Jonas Cuaron Directing

Last summer, Lantica Pictures and Sobini Films announced partnering for a futuristic take on pulp author Johnston McCulley's 1919 swashbuckling vigilante hero, "Zorro". The project is already being shopped in the marketplace as of late last year through Pantelion Films and now we've moved forward with a director in the form of filmmaker Jonas Cuaron.

Scott Mann's FINAL SCORE Films In London This Year For 2017

Fans looking toward Heist helmer director Scott Mann for a follow-up of his 2009 action thriller, The Tournament, may be in for a longer wait. For now though, you can expect to find him around London sometime this Summer or Fall for the upcoming production of his newest hostage thriller, Final Score.

[UPDATED] Chuck Wepner Boxing Drama, AMERICAN BRAWLER, Begins Post-Production

In an interesting development, some of us know actor Zach McGowan from the STARZ hit series, Black Sails while others may know him from the hit SHOtime comedy drama, Shameless. Well, as of this point, we can now chalk him up as one of at least two actors who will be portraying iconic boxing underdog Chuck Wepner on film, and for this, it's director Ken Kushner's American Brawler.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Stunt Veteran Bruce Fontaine's BEYOND REDEMPTION Hits Berlin Next Week!

Courtesy of Action Lab Films 
Multifaceted actor and martial artist Bruce Fontaine has cut his teeth for some time now in the stunt field since the late 80's, with a resumé that rightfully lists itself with to Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Corey Yuen Kwai to name a few. Nowadays with his last known acting credit as Malcolm in the 2014 comedy, Hector And The Search For Happiness, Fontaine will likely be seen working the field as stunt and coordinator for various films at home and abroad while based in Vancouver producing films via his Action Lab Films banner.

NBC's TAKEN Series Lands A Director

Emmy award-winning producer Alex Graves (The West Wing, Homeland, Game Of Thrones) has been tapped to direct NBC's forthcoming pilot for the series adaptation of hit film franchise, Taken, according to Deadline. Graves will direct from a script by executive producer and showrunner, Alex Cary, which will focus on the origins of principal franchise lead character, Bryan Mills, showcasing how he acquired his particular set of skills.

Steven Seagal War Thriller, SNIPER: SPECIAL OPS, Lands A Trailer

Director Fred Olen Ray's career of well over 100 films is a litany of DTV action, horror and other genre titles now brings us his newest, Sniper: Special Ops. Actor Steven Seagal, seen in recent years taking to his business interests in Russia, is back on set here in the role of soldier on a mission that, surely enough, goes belly up.