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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

SILVER SABLE And BLACK CAT Are Officially Advancing At Sony

Sony Pictures is officially tackling properties, Silver Sable and Black Cat for a feature-film production according to THR. Christopher Yost who helped scribe the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok is now penning the script with Matt Tolmach and Amy Pascal producing for a hopeful Fall start date.

THE TALES OF WUKONG Character Posters: Warriors, Assassins And Puppies, Oh My!

Between 2014 up to now, actor Eddie Peng has become someone I can appreciate. His most recent stint in Rise Of The Legend drew my praise as one of the best and most undeservedly undercelebrated martial arts movies by far and his body of work continues to grow with the upcoming fantasy epic, The Tales Of Wukong, inspired obviously by the titular Chinese mythic folk hero of legend, The Monkey King.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: VOL. 2 Rolls Out The Most Obvious IMAX Poster You'll See

I already love this movie based on what I've read in the months leading since its first trailer. That said, I'm pretty sure Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol. 2 will have zero trouble selling enough tickets for Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol. 3, but here's the latest IMAX poster.

Please Cut The Crap And Enjoy The New Teaser For Adam Wingard's Netflix Thriller, DEATH NOTE

Never mind that actor Lakeith Stanfield is playing socially awkward, yet intellectually sturdy and agile L, you needn't look long on Twitter to find people complaining about Adam Wingard's treatment of the hit manga and anime property, Death Note, which now has a release date scored for August 25 on Netflix.

AGENT: Catch The Trailer For Derek Ting's New Sci-Fi Thriller

A group of young adults eager to shoot guns things in the middle of nowhere only to unravel a supernatural mystery that endangers them? Sounds like a doable premise and actor/writer/director Derek Ting (Supercapitalist, Always) certainly saw it through with his latest feature film effort, Agent.

Cambodian Martial Arts Comedy, JAILBREAK, Gets Distribution In Korea

The Cambodia Film Commission took to Hong Kong FilMart last week to promote some of its nation's moviegoing prospects. One of its most prolific titles, the action comedy Jailbreak, already has some positive reviews and reactions going for itself following its local release in January which makes a pretty useful case to embolden the film elsewhere.

See Odd Jobs Gin At Work In New GINTAMA Set Pics And Stills

If there's one movie I'm really looking forward to, it's director Fukuda Yuichi's live-action adaptation of hit manga and anime, Gintama. Granted, I know quite a few people who aren't really keen on the film's take thusfar but the reception from the fanbase has been pretty positive in my view.

FilMart Banner And Poster Images Arise For 'Ip Man 3' Spin-Off, CHEUNG TIN-CHI

Ip Man 3
Perhaps one of the biggest prospects coming out of FilMart last week was the addition of actor and martial artist Max Zhang's upcoming role in Cheung Tin-Chi, spinning off lead actor Donnie Yen's opposite in the 2016 hit, Ip Man 3. And it's pretty big, too, for Zhang's current career progression now landing him roles in several noteworthy projects to date from Asia through Hollywood, including The Invincible Dragon for Pegasus Motion Pictures, and Pacific Rim 2: Uprising for Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures.

Catch The Fearless New Trailer For EXTRAORDINARY MISSION

Details have been slowly rolling out ever since the teasers aired last year for the new action thriller, Extraordinary Mission from the team behind the Infernal Affairs and Overheard film franchises. The film has since staked itself a local theatrical release on April 6 and as such, Distribution Workshop now boasts a fresh new trailer with English subtitles to oblige.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

BLACK BUTTERFLY Flutters With Chilling Resolve In The New Trailer

Antonio Banderas is already on my radar for a few movies this year but Brian Goodman's latest caught me by surprise. The new film, Black Butterfly, revised from Christian Faure's 2008 award-winning TV movie predecessor joins Banderas with Jonathan Rhys Meyers and actress Piper Perabo for a limited theatrical release on May 26 from Lionsgate Premiere.