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Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Listings Are Now Available For Marko Zaror's REDEEMER!

If your fandom has at all kept you on high alert for action star Marko Zaror's fourth bow with director Ernesto Diaz Espinoza in their newest revenge action thriller, Redeemer, don't fret. Hopefully you've caught our latest interview with Zaror where he discusses the film in addition to a number of morsels revolving around his career with more projects to come, and I, for one, can't wait to share more information on those.

Get High Off The New Red-Band Trailer For AMERICAN ULTRA!

Just shy of a year away from watching actor Jesse Eisenberg deliver his best Lex Luthor impression on the big screen, he's since returned in a less formal, ruggedly dressed and slightly more intoxicated role that still packs a wallop! American Ultra is coming to theaters this August with actress Kristen Stewart from director Nima Nourizadeh and writer Max Landis that takes what Seth Rogen and James Franco did for Pineapple Express and throws it in a 'Bourne' millieu full of government espionage, mystery and explosive thrills.

KUNG FURY Unleashes Its Fury Online Today!

Filmmaker and Kickstarter success story David Sandberg is likely having a really good year right now. Having started from almost nothing but an idea, a small crew, a nostaligic appreciation for the 1980's and love for things fantastic of the decade therin, his newest half-hour short, Kung Fury is about to kick its way online starting at 3:00pm EST/12:00 PST with a televised premiere on El Rey Network at 6:30pm EST/5:30pm CT.. And yes, this is all a pretty big deal too with a feature-length picture also in the works in the wake of the shortfilm's notable reception at the Directors' Fortnight at Cannes this month.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

ANGRY PAINTER Is Angry. Watch The Trailer.

Award-winning filmmaker Jeon Kyu-Hwan isn't afraid to take his contemplative arthouse style approach (as previously lauded in his work on the Town trilogy) and turn it up a notch. His newest erotic action thriller, Angry Painter, puts us square in the main character's tragic universe - one filled with madness and darkness, with several shades of red...and some black and blue, too.

Mohamed Qissi Joins Argentinian Cop Sequel, MORTAL LAW (LEY MORTAL)

Aside from its film festival run overseas in the last few years Argentian 2013 revenge thriller, Justicia Propia currently remains a local success story for its lead action star Juan Manuel Olmedo while plans are evermore hopeful to release the film beyond borders next year. That said, it's been a while since any and all talk of a sequel began circulating, but that doesn't mean that nothing is happening. Because there will be plenty happening between August and September.

HOLLYWOOD ADVENTURES Lead To A Pig, A Rattlesnake, Bullets And High Speed Chases In The New Trailer

Anything for a girl, it seems...Such it is for actor Huang Xiaoming's latest role as a man searching for his true love in Timothy Kendall's directorial debut, Hollywood Adventures. But will it be worth it to have to dodge all those damn bullets, near-death car accidents, disco balls to the dick and rattlesnakes? Personally I'd rather keep my balls in one piece, thank you very much.

WHO AM I? Gets A 2015 Remake With Jackie Chan Producing And A Trailer!

Remakes... They're everywhere, and even in China where newly established film school dean, action legend Jackie Chan partook in producing one nearly seventeen years since the 1998 globetrotting espionage Chan-classic, Who Am I?. Producer and first time helmer Song Xi-Yin directs this latest revival with actor Ocean Wang now taking the lead in helping propel the next generation of action filmmakers and performers, and a cast featuring actreses Anna Yao and Zhang Lan-Xin, with fellow Chan cohorts Ken Lo and Yu Rong Guang also starring.


It's neither too early or late to remake a movie, especially for the folks over at Twentieth Century Fox who are now on the cusp of reviving more live-action superhero movie lore for millenials. For this, we turn to the 2003 installment of Blade helmer Stephen Norrington's The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which played a bit loose with the original source material and had some pretty gamey visual effects but still provided the necessary steampunk spectacle.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Get Liberated In The New Trailer For Ericson Core's POINT BREAK!

As it stands, out of any and all expectations there may be from director Ericson Core's upcoming Point Break remake, there are quite a few things I'm looking forward to here with regard to some of the iconic scenes from the 1991 film this one is based on, including the epic footchase chase, and the fight choreography by Can Aydin. Other than that, it's fair to hold remakes to a specific standard these days, as some fall shorter than others. The decisions to remake a film is of a touchy nature, especially when it comes to this one and the tone being introduced when it comes to the next level of dynamic action and stunts to incorporate the drama.

White's NEVER BACK DOWN 3 Adds Nathan Jones, Cinematographer Ross Clarkson

Fans of martial arts action star Michael Jai White can feel free to keep their antennae up a little longer as production awaits for his next directorial move with Never Back Down 3. White's attachment to the direct-to-DVD 2011 sequel in 2011 as its co-star and director has lended itself as one of the greatest additions to the genre's history as a movie geared toward mixed-martial arts fans by and large and with a third on the way, given all we've heard thusfar, we can more than likely expect something special out of this next line-up.

Jackie Chan's Movie And Media School Opens In Wuhan

Superhero Comedy JIAN BING MAN Gets A Trailer With Van Damme Fully Stretched And Ready!

Well it was only a matter of time before action star Jean-Claude Van Damme would reappear in another comedy. His acting has grown pleasantly stronger in recent years so it's still great to watch him get silly from time to time. And his latest, Jian Bing Man (a.k.a. Pancake Man), serves quite the delicious example.

CHASING SOULS: Catching Up With Actor, Martial Artist And Musician J. Cheung

Photo by Xin Wuku
Those of you who have been reading Film Combat Syndicate since the site launched twenty seven months ago may be familiar with one of my first interviews. Certainly it was one of my biggest assignments at the time and it helped stretch my brain muscles a bit while learning how to handle the specific HTML standards of working a blog, whilst diving me deep into the inner-workings of one of Asia's most inspired groups of up-and-comers to date, thr3guys, a group dedicated to performing and filmmaking martial arts choreography, as well as still-photography with founder, martial artist, hip-hop musician and up-and-coming actor, J. Cheung and others modeling in front of the camera.

PREDATOR: DARK AGES Is The Shortfilm You Want More Of!

Getting my day off to a bit of an abrupt start while blogging, director James Bushe's newest homage to epic sci-fi, Predator: Dark Ages didn't upload to its channel right away before could add it to this week's Hit List last night prior to clocking out. Anyway, it's finally online and comes just off the heels of its positive response by comic-con attendees in London just this weekend, and having screened and reviewed it for myself on Saturday, I'm long proud to know everyone will have been in for a real treat.

Monday, May 25, 2015