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Friday, October 24, 2014

WHITE TIGER Uncages At AFM 2014 Next Month

It's taken a while to happen, but there's finally some movement on director Toby Russell's latest action adventure thriller, White Tiger. Gorilla Pictures will be on hand to represent the film when it finally premieres at the American Film Market on November 6 at 3:00pm PST.

Woodley On INSURGENT: 'A Lot More Action'

The tides have begun turning in the epic story of the Divergent Series following the title release of the first film in March earlier this year from director Neil Burger.

Evans, Hammer Board Wheatley's 70's Action Thriller, FREE FIRE In 2015

Kill List helmer Ben Wheatley's knack for vintage classic noir thrillers and hard-boiled action flicks may suit perfectly for his latest feature film, Free Fire. The film is setting up to be his first North American set project with producer Andy Starke under their Rook Films banner with financing from Film4 while they prepare to introduce the film at the American Film Market next month.

Two Centuries Of History Set The Tone For New Martial Arts Doc, PAPA MACHETE

History can be pretty boundless, as well as beneficial, especially when covering martial arts and the cultures that exist around them. That said, 2015 became a banner year for Miami-based filmmaker Jonathan David Kane whose latest shortfilm documentary, Papa Machete, finally got an audience last month in Toronto.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The New Promo Teaser For GARUDA 7 Shimmers With Action Gold

With filming still set to commense in early 2015, the production for writer and director Baf Sjamsuddin's newest ensemble actioner, Gardua 7 has moved up a step with its first polished teaser trailer. The film is largely an inspired return to the glory days of a once-booming industry that highlighted veteran stars like Barry Prima and Willy Dozan.

Eddie Peng And Sammo Hung Duke It Out In The New RISE OF THE LEGEND Trailer!

Revisting the classic story of legendary martial arts master Wong Fei-Hung for the big screen is not something you take lightly. Alas, expectations are quite high for this newest origin telling from director Roy Chow in Rise Of The Legend, pitting lead actor Eddie Peng at the center of late Qing Dynasty upheaval in Guangzhou, against smarms of gangs and a human trafficking ring.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Teaser Trailer And Poster Are Officially Online!

The latest teaser trailer for writer/director Joss Whedon's Avengers: Age Of Ultron was released in a rather unceremonious fashion on Wednesday night when it leaked online a week ahead of its scheduled television airing. That said, Marvel has decided to move forward with kicking off an advance look at the first official teaser poster.

Cinematic Fight Studio Announces New Fan Project, BLADE: CHRONICLES OF ERIC BROOKS

While the big studios sort out the possibilities for the future of the Blade franchise with lead Wesley Snipes finally back at work, the character is obviously not limited to just what Hollywood can do. The independent scene has its own fair share of creativity in store, and the folks over at New York City's Cinematic Fight Studio are honing into theirs with the early release of a concept poster for a new possible fan film titled Blade: Chronicles Of Eric Brooks.

A New Soldier Enters The Battlefield In The New Trailer For HALO: NIGHTFALL

As far as live-action adaptations ago in the world of video games and films, there is plenty of room for improvement. Some projects fall short of expectations while others amazingly succeed, and this November, Microsoft and producer Ridley Scott are looking to see what they can bring with the forthcoming release of the new series, Halo: Nightfall.

Screener Review: SONS OF LIBERTY (2013)

Special Agent Tom Hardy must assemble an elite team of scientists and soldiers to prevent the construction of a weapon so deadly a quarter of the US would have to be abandoned for decades. As the team members of the top secret unit, know as the SOL, struggle to find the balance between duty and their personal lives, an outside threat emerges. A serial killer is torturing women, leaving their bodies a mangled mess of scars and symbols. Special Agents Tom Hardy and Dr. Jan Baker are drawn into the game of cat and mouse as the remaining scientists and soldiers race to develop a solution to locate incoming stolen nuclear materials without alerting their enemies. Little do they know that their opposition is comprised of a deadly cadre of mercenaries, an arms dealer, a rouge IRA soldier, an assassin, and a mastermind whose motivations blur the line between terrorist and revolutionary.


Writer, producer and director Drew Hall's 2013 action thriller, Sons Of Liberty has some bit of flare to it. However, I honestly found myself waiting for it to end sooner with every passing minute, and as much as I am akin to writing positive reviews about movies, sadly this won't be the case.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Watch The Final Trailer For KUNG FU JUNGLE!

As far as movie promotion goes, the average Donnie Yen film has that area covered tenfold. The featurettes alone for his latest cerebral martial arts thriller from writer/director Teddy Chen, Kung Fu Jungle, speak highly of the caliber of action Yen is known for, even while recent films have been a general mixture of hits and misses.

Help Fund The New Action Comedy Series Pitch, S.M.A.C.K. UNIT!

It's been well over a year since I first talked about actor and martial artist Shahaub Roudbari who launched his channel last summer with the goal of creating entertaining diversity-driven content. Building on those efforts, Shahaub recently teamed with a colorful group of actors and filmmakers to help put together a pitch video for an inspired new television series that looks every bit as worthy of mainstream syndication as many popular shows to date.

Warner Bros. Officially Announces Untitled Third Season Of MORTAL KOMBAT

As much as many of us still may want a Mortal Kombat movie, it doesn't appear to be happening anytime soon (I desperately want to be proven wrong). However, it looks like Warner Bros. is planning another live-action webseries as part of a new slate of projects courtesy of WB's digital production branch, Blue Ribbon Content.

Screener Review: REDEEMER (2014)

Former hitman Nicky Pardo (Zaror) has made a deal with God. Pardo will begin every day by holding a gun to his own head and pulling the trigger. And every day he does not die he will take it as a sign that he is meant to continue hunting down the men he used to work for.


By no means are your options limited here, particularly if you are a fan of the martial arts genre and always looking forward to something great to see. This was a lesson learned in my own evolution as a follower of these films while growing up, and as time passed, more and more talent has continued to emerge and drawing the attention of fans almost everywhere. Obviously this couldn't be possible without the evolution of the internet, a tool that generally removes almost all boundaries so people can share a piece of themselves with the world. Actor and martial artist Marko Zaror is one of those people, hailing all the way from Santiago, Chile with a breakout lead role in the first Chilean martial arts action film, Kiltro in 2006. The film would be his first pairing with then-debut director Ernesto Díaz Espinoza, and eight years later with three under their belt, the two have come back once again with a vengeance for their newest hit, Redeemer.

Live-Action DEAD RISING Movie Casts Rob Riggle To Lead

It was probably a matter of time before post-apocalyptic zombie game would follow in the footsteps of its predecessors toward cinema territory Granted, previous results like those stemming from that of the Resident Evil franchise don't fare critically as well despite its commercial success, although maybe something different or better will come along to help provide some optimism.