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Friday, October 9, 2015

Former JC Stuntman Andy Cheng Fights Marko Zaror In The New THE GREEN GHOST Teaser!

Splinter and Filly Brown helmer Michael D. Olmos's new superhero action adventure, The Green Ghost, is starting to build up somewhat of a promotional campaign with a little something extra. In other words, with any luck, the newest 25-second teaser will attach soon to an upcoming wider release of Robert Rodriguez's latest music video featuring Demi Lovato in "Condifent", which should grant even more exposure for Chilean action star and co-star Marko Zaror who also makes an appearance.

SP International Deals China Co-Prods For THE EXPENDABLES 4 And SECURITY

Producer Steven Paul made a significant showing this year while on hand at Cannes with deals pertaining to forthcoming China co-productions, High Speed and an upcoming Tekken remake to name a few. This week he's back in the headlines with word on two new titles now well on the way from Nu Image/Millenium.

DC Comics's DARK UNIVERSE Rolls Cameras Next Year

The Tracking Board reports that Scott Rudin is officially spearheading efforts toward the long-awaited adaptation of DC Comics property, Justice League Dark. Tentatively titled Dark Universe, the project was initially up for an earlier production start with Guillermo Del Toro up to direct until his obligations toward Pacific Rim 2 presided at the time.

Fight Choreographer Olivier Schneider To Adapt Crime Novel, MEURTRES POUR RÉDEMPTION For The Big Screen

With today's growing crop of second unit directors and prominent stunt coordinators like Gary Powell, Chad Stahelski and David Leitch seugueing into directing, its no wonder if whether or not that trend will continue. For this, we now look to stuntman and fight choreographer Olivier Schneider whose brutal, fast and hard hitting sequences can be seen most dominantly in movies like Furious 6, Taken, Safe House and French crime thriller Colt 45.

NYCC 2015: The Comic Con Trailer For BANSHEE Is Here

The latest trailer for the final season of the hit Cinemax series, Banshee, premiered at the New York Comic Con on Thursday this week. It's been a delightful series full of thrilling moments in the years since it debuted in 2011, and almost makes you couldn't have asked for more from television.

The Cast And Crew Of FIGHT VALLEY Talk Filmmaking, Fisticuffs And Fun In A New Featurette

Rob Hawk's new underground MMA revenge thriller, Fight Valley is waist deep in post-production ahead of its release after filming this year. As always, details are scant about film projects until further down the line when there's more to share, and as such we now have a fresh new behind-the-scenes featurette delving much more into what lies ahead.

Help Kickstart A.J. Annila's New Fantasy Action Novel Adaptation, WARRIOR NUN!

You're sorely mistaken if you thought for one second that female-centric action storytelling is dwindling. Far from it, in fact, with what now looks to be a spectacular new venture into fantasy and martial arts action with the forthcoming live-action adaptation of author Ben Dunn's cult graphic novel franchise, Warrior Nun.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Charlize Theron Finds Another Leading Action Vehicle In THE GRAY MAN For Sony

Who would have guessed that actress Charlize Theron's role in Mad Max: Fury Road this year would lead to a string of action pictures this year? I sure didn't, although I will say it's delightfully surprising.


Did you know that someone managed to snag $120,000 for a Stormtrooper helmet at an auction last month? Well, I didn't know until today, so I'm kind of kicking myself in the ass for not being a London SW fanboy at the moment.

Rishi Dares To Conquer In The New Teaser Trailer For RANVIIR: THE MARSHAL

At least one common feat shared in Indian cinema is the prominence of martial arts, and adding to the list now is director Milind Unkey with his newest tournament drama, Ranviir: The Marshal. Unkey and co-scribe Priynaka Monga set the stage with action director Rampyare Yadav and lead actor Rishab ‘Rishi’ Sharma making his Bollywood debut in this, the story of a young boy who defies his mother's wishes to compete in the ultimate martial arts tournament.

F. Gary Gray Officially Behind The Wheel For FAST AND FURIOUS 8

You would be forgiven if you thought the hype machine had slowed down for upcoming Fast And Furious 8. The meandering search for a director finally brought results this week with mention of A Man Apart helmer F. Gary Gray as a likely candidate to helm the eighth installment following his global $800 million dollar success with the hip hop biopic, Straight Outta Compton.

Watch The 007-Inspired Opening Title Sequence For Upcoming Short, BLACK SALT

Director Ben Ramsey's new superhero martial arts action short, Black Salt, is gearing for a premiere on November 7 at the Urban Action Showcase & Expo in New York City. Co-star and action legend James Lew will be in attendance along with a few others to be announced while plans remain pending for its release following the premiere.

Marvel Announces ANT-MAN AND THE WASP For 2018 With New MCU Titles And Dates Pending

I guess that initial Marvel calendar was never set in stone when it was unveiled last year. That tells you a little something about the constant fluctuating nature of the film industry as a whole, and especially with franchises like those set in the Marvel comic book movies.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

French Graphic Novel THE CALL OF THE STRYX Is Heading To Television

There's more action headed for television soon enough with word now from Deadline on the development of French graphic novel adaptation, The Call Of The Stryx. Dune series and Netflix's Residue scribe John Harrison will write the series based on the highly popular Delcourt-Soleil graphic novel franchise for well over 20 years leading up to its U.S. digital release acquition and subsequent release via comiXology this year.

Liev Schreiber Gets His Wish In Chuck Wepner Bio, THE BLEEDER

Liev Schreiber has been killing it with his hit SHOtime TV series, Ray Donovan, now up for a fourth season. In the meantime, his career in film is moving forward as well as he's also set to appear early next year in YA sci-fi epic, The 5th Wave.