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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

So DEADPOOL Is Getting A PG-13 Rating Eh?

Yeah...about that.

EXCLUSIVE: Lee Asquith-Coe's Sci-Fi War Thriller, WE ARE SOLDIER Starts Filming Next Weekend!

At long last! Crowdfunding efforts fell short earlier this year for former 13-year military serviceman-turned-independent debut filmmaker Lee Asquith-Coe whose newest endeavor, We Are Soldier, has since found better straits toward production as of next weekend! The film itself is based on a winning feature-length script Asquith-Coe wrote and entered in the Annual Creative World Awards in 2013 before earning a 6th place finish and ultimately seeking independent means for full movie after a series of false starts to acquire funding.


To be honest, I wasn't too impressed with what was presented in the most recent trailer for director Camille Delamarre's The Transporter Refueled. For starters, the title sounds silly to me and I would have rather much preferred it keep its original 'Legacy' title or something more appealing. But apart from that, the trailer itself looks like a series of lessons unlearned from our dear director's work on last year's release of Brick Mansions. I couldn't see the techniques and could only feel the choppy, rickety, Taken-style approach to the action as applied in part by Taken 2 co-star, fight choreographer Alain Figlarz, compared to the Hong Kong aesthetic established by Corey Yuen for the Jason Statham trilogy of yesteryear.

IP MAN 3D Production In Trouble With Bruce Lee's Estate

Production is only in its ninth day for director Wilson Yip's fifth outing with actor and action star Donnie Yen with the new film, Ip Man 3D after years of sitting in development limbo. The news was joyful, to say the least, as filming commenced well over a week ago with Pegasus Motion Pictures announcing plans to star former world heavyweight champion boxer-cum-actor Mike Tyson with Yen in addition to a CG-enhanced young rendition of martial icon, Bruce Lee, as reportedly approved by his brother, Robert Lee.

Hou's THE ASSASSIN Makes The Rounds With A New Poster!

It's been a long, long journey for the The Puppetmaster and Goodbye South, Goodbye helmer, Taiwanese filmmaker Hou Hsien-Hsiao whose latest martial arts debut with the $14 million dollar action romance epic, The Assassin, initially saw cameras rolling as early as 2010 and 2012 before being plagued by a series of unfortunate stops and starts. Those who are familiar with the DNA of Hou's work might empathize just a little bit as it was new ground for the director who talked about his experience back in 2014 when he officially wrapped production, and needless to say, the wait is just a little bit closer to being over with the virility of the latest poster for the film which you can take a look at below, courtesy of international sales agent, Wild Bunch.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

TMNT 2 Sequel, 'Half-Shell', Scores Stephen Amell For Casey Jones

Whether or not you're a fan of Paramount Pictures's and Platnum Dunes's latest iteration of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the fact is that it's getting a sequel with the likely reprisal of actress Megan Fox in her role of April O'Neil among other new and returning faces. On that note, Variety went underway on Tuesday with a report announcing the addition of fellow Turtles' ally, New York City's masked vigilante Casey Jones for actor Stephen Amell, star of the DC Comics-based CW series, Arrow.

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Gets A New Trailer. Watch It Now!

Director George Miller's latest dystopian fantasy action revival, Mad Max: Fury Road has been on a social media blitz with growing fanfare attributing some gorgeous fan-based poster art online and short bursts of promo footage via Twitter with the #MadMax hashtag in recent weeks. The fanfare alone, stemming from last year's SDCC trailer, was enough to get a real conversation going on just how well the new film might bode, sporting all kinds of stunning visuals and a fresh look that stays true to the core aesthetic of a Mad Max movie, now with Tom Hardy in the title role.

Cain's Kung Fu Actioner, LEGION OF ONE Gets Co-Production Backing From China

The Next Karate Kid and Young Guns helmer Christopher Cain's attachment to the new film, Legion Of One, has been in the works for some time now. A pitch promo was filmed back in 2013 over at KCW Studios as the brain child of Gung Fu Grandmaster Joel Castillo and it's finally picking up some movement in lieu of film market events overseas last week.

Watch The Newest Trailer For Paul Feig's Action Comedy, SPY

If there's one thing that director Paul Feig is proving with newest action comedy, Spy, it's the danger of underestimating a good thing. The new film starring Melissa McCarthy and action star Jason Statham has already received several upworthy reviews following its SXSW premiere earlier this month, landing this as a considerably entertaining piece of work from the Feig/McCarthy duo in lieu of their forthcoming Ghostbusters prosepcts.

Monday, March 30, 2015

THE HIT LIST - March 30, 2015

This was a bit of a last minute stretch as my weekend was a bit busy taking care of other things. Still, hopefully this list is ample enough to give you all something cool to look at. One honorable mention I'll lend is the latest short film trailer for The Betrayal, the debut video for Force Storm Entertainment. There are details you should check out in that regard so click here to learn more about it...

Dame Helen Mirren Wants In As A 'Fast And Furious' Villainess, And I Say Make It Happen!

I've pretty much spent the past two years I've been blogging as Film Combat Syndicate, in part, musing about the Fast And Furious franchise. No, my fixation wasn't immediate upon the first film in 2002 - it only became so in the months leading up to this article I wrote in 2013, and to say the least, I stand by my fandom.


The Pier scribe, Jay Basu has become a studio favorite as of late, having recently been tapped to help pen a flurry of writings including Universal Pictures's currently-developing cinematic monsterverse following Dracula Untold, and an adaptation of Julie Kagawa's fantasy action novel series, Talon, last year. Hopefully he's had some time to breathe in between, because now it appears that Sony Pictures is following suit with their own forthcoming adaptation of the popular Playstation favorite, Metal Gear Solid, according to Deadline.

Disney Takes To Task For A Live-Action MULAN Film!

There should be no shortage of US/Chinese co-productions these days with the longstanding popularity of Asian film lore also a factor. If anything, there's even more potential than before to take what once might have been standalone films and turn them into sprawling 3.4-part serial movie epics similar to female-centric YA actioners like Lionsgate's The Hunger Games and The Divergent Series franchises to name a few.

FURIOUS 7 Is Back On Track In Thailand

Thai audiences can now breathe a sigh of relief this week for the release of international action star Tony Jaa's latest Hollywood debut, Furious 7. Word from The Bangkok Post reports that the Civil Court has lifted the injunction initially requested by Jaa's former management, Sahamongkol Film International Co., Ltd. against Universal Pictures and the film's Thailand distributor, United International Pictures Far East Co.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Watch The New Teaser For AMC TV's INTO THE BADLANDS!

AMC Television is currently ramping up a promotional campaign for its 2015 slate, which now officially includes the current preparation and production of the new martial arts series, officially titled Into The Badlands. The show has been picking up steam for many months now since its announcement last July prior to landing international film star, actor Daniel Wu to lead the cast of the new series with The Judge helmer David Dobkin directing.