Jackie Chan Actioner, BLEEDING STEEL Gets Its Cast

Renny Harlin's latest, Skiptrace , is off to a good start this past weekend at the box office overseas, which is good news for its l...

Friday, July 29, 2016

Joe Carnahan Goes UNCHARTED To Script The Sony Adaptation

Have you ever seen the 2014 action comedy, Stretch? Yes, the one that The A-Team remake helmer Joe Carnahan directed which fell into release limbo months before finally being granted a Fall opening on VoD and Digital. I'll tell you, if there was ever a film not to overlook in the course of your life and if you're looking for something good, funny, energetic and full of laughs and spectacle, Stretch is something you're going to want to add to your memories as a cinephile.

Hell Is Coming In The New Season Three Trailer For El Rey's FROM DUSK TIL DAWN: THE SERIES

The next chapter is almost here, folks! Two seasons into El Rey's From Dusk Til Dawn: The Series, and a LOT has happened. Politics rule the criminal and supernatural underworld of culebras, and underneath it all, the stories of six people desperate for answers to find themselves between battles is a journey that has thusfar continued with a good number of casualties.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ezra Miller To Reprise His Role As 'The Flash' In SUICIDE SQUAD

Warner Bros. 

Had enough press following last week's pulse-pounding comic con trailer for David Ayer's Suicide Squad? Well, make room for just a little more, because news broke on Thursday of a press kit that just revealed more than one superhero cameo will be in the film.

WARCRAFT Comes Home On Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital & 4K This September

Didn't get a chance to see Warcraft in theaters? Well, neither did I. Thankfully the film is well on it's way to its regularly-scheduled home releases on Digital, Blu-Ray and standard DVD in a few months so you won't have to go without.

Disney's THE ROCKETEERS Now In Development With A Black Female Lead

I thoroughly enjoyed City Slickers and Kevin Reynolds's Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves back in 1991. Unfortunately that wasn't great news for director Joe Johnston a week after that film opened with his own pulp hero adaptation, The Rocketeer - based on Dave Stevens's 1982 independent comic, falling short of expectations at the box office for Disney.

Jackie Chan Actioner, BLEEDING STEEL Gets Its Cast

Renny Harlin's latest, Skiptrace, is off to a good start this past weekend at the box office overseas, which is good news for its lead actor, action star Jackie Chan who is currently scheduled for an In Conversation event at the Syndey Opera House where he will discuss his career in a little over a week. In the meantime, production rolls onward for Chan's new venture in the area, Bleeding Steel, from sophomore director and writer Leo Zhang as of earlier this month and casting news is finally making the rounds.

THE GREAT WALL Stacks Against Fire And Monsters In The First Trailer

Universal and Legendary's latest 3D prospect, The Great Wall, took a bit of time to gather its casting before finally nabbing actors like Matt Damon, Andy Lau and actress Jing Tian who is soon to make her way in Legendary Pictures's Kong: Skull Island next year as well. That said, it's a Damon-loaded week with the actor's latest, Jason Bourne, heading to theaters this weekend, which couldn't be a better time to promote the epic new China-shot 3D fantasy which retells a mythological perspective behind the construction of one of today's biggest landmarks.

Andrew Garfield Fights More Than One Battle In The New Trailer For HACKSAW RIDGE

Actor and filmmaker Mel Gibson may not be without controversy from time to time, but at least one other fact worth pointing out is that he's at his best when on set. This time, The Passion Of The Christ and Braveheart helmer is back and noted behind the camera for Lionsgate's latest release, Hacksaw Ridge, and with nothing short of uproaring responses from earlier test screenings with Andrew Garfield front and center.

VENGEANCE Now Filming In London With Stu Bennett And Gary Daniels

Before we catch outgoing WWE wrestler, actor Stu Bennett in action for James Nunn's Eliminators with Scott Adkins, pan over momentarily to filmmaker Ross Boyask who has made a name for himself among cult fans of the martial arts genre. UK titles like Left For Dead and Warrioress come to mind with the hopeful prospects of a sequel for the 2016 Mike Moeller action thriller, One Million Klicks.

KUNG FU BOYS Kicks It Up A Notch In The Latest Trailer

Every now and then it seems like a lot of new and young faces with the potential for martial arts stardom come and go. As far as Chinese cinema goes, you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference much with the vast sea of low-budget action films with actors the rest of us see for two minutes within a trailer and that's it - that's how obscure a lot of these films are which is a little frustrating.

Ben Affleck Tackles Anxiety And Assassins In The New Trailer For THE ACCOUNTANT

Further cementing his action star status, actor Ben Affleck is returning to show moviegoers he can equally kick as much ass outside of a batsuit in Warrior helmer Gavin O'Connor's latest, The Accountant. With a first trailer already in our midst as of a few months ago, a second trailer is now online ahead of its October 14 release in the U.S. and U.K. release in November.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Martial Artist, Actor Paul Mormando Now Filming New Crime Thriller, BOUND BY DEBT

It was a few years ago that actor, Cha Ki Do innovator and independent filmmaker Paul Mormando was on the verge of a new webseries called Double Fist. The project has since moved on to feature film status with a few VoD deals in the works, although post-production issues have tentatively impeded the film's completion.

Review: MILES AHEAD (2016) Is Chromatic Testimony Of Life, Love, Turmoil And Groove

There is an old rumor that Ernest Hemingway could only write when he was in love, and that each of his books represents his love for one woman. It's a nice story, if even only a reverie, and it came to mind while watching Miles Ahead, Don Cheadle's directorial debut of the Miles Davis biopic. The short-lived love affair and marriage that Miles Davis had with Francis Taylor is a referential centerpiece of the film, and is presented as being inexorable to the reason for the jazz musician’s five year hiatus from music, during which he spiraled into drugs and reclusiveness, earning him a historical association with the eccentricities that characterized even Howard Hughes.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Missed The Bourne Franchise Any? Watch A New JASON BOURNE Franchise Recap!

Wait...have you been asleep for the last fourteen years? Well, that's certainly longer than Robert Ludlum character Jason Bourne was, but it still doesn't undo the depth and overall carnage that enused after he woke up.

Cine-Asia's Return Signals Benny Chan's CALL OF HEROES For A UK Release

Asian cinephiles in the UK once mourned the loss of popular distributor, Cine-Asia back in 2012. Now, they're re-emerging and are back with their first theatrical release since then amid the currently-running campaign for Benny Chan's latest, Call Of Heroes, now dated for September 2, following its August 12 release in Hong Kong from Universe Films.