Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Join Steven Seagal For His First Reddit AMA This Thursday!

Action star Steven Seagal's comeback aspirations are currently being well documented with the current development of his new action thriller, Attrition. In the meantime, his latest foray in the genre with director Michael Winnick's Code Of Honor is poised for a theatrical and digital release this Friday from Lionsgate, which makes it all the more opportune for fans of the actor to take note of Thursday's 9:00am PST time slot when Seagal debuts his first-ever Reddit AMA discussion.

Tom Getty's RISING FEAR Lands On DVD On May 30

Actor and filmmaker Tom Getty has been slowly ramping up his newly completed independent action feature, Rising Fear, for home release. It's not hugely budgeted, but the film certainly plays its cards right, hitting the right notes hard enough in many areas to live up to its ambitions both in acting, as well as intensity and spectacle.

Simon West's WAR WOLF Howls For Production This November

Still on deck for action cinema favorite Simon West is the upcoming release of the Duncan Falconer adaptation, Stratton and crowdfuded action comedy, Salty. In the meantime, the filmmaker's newest task on his roster will be heading to Cannes courtesy of Fortitude International with the new period thriller, War Wolf.

Mark Millar Advances Space Opera, EMPRESS, To The Big Screen

Comic book creator and screenwriter Mark Millar (Kingsman, Kick-Ass) is readying another of his properties for the big screen now in the form of Empress. Joe Roth and Jeff Kirschenbaum are partnering with Millar for an adaptation of the sci-fi space opera which sees the wife of an evil dictator on a desperate mission to escape to her home world with her three children - 15 year-old Aine who wants to be with her father, 10 year-old Adam, and 18-month old Puck.

DEATH WISH Remake Loses Directors

Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado, the filmmaking duo behind such thrillers as Rabies and Big Bad Wolves have gone public on recent happenings with the forthcoming Death Wish remake from MGM and Paramount.

DREDD Fan Series, CURSED EDGE, To Get A Feature-Length Release

It's been nearly four years since the hugely under appreciated adaptation of the 2000 A.D. sci-fi property with Pete Travis's Dredd 3D sunk at the box office. The call for a direct sequel still a hopeless but otherwise unified and deafening with hopes for a segway into Netflix territory burning in the hopeful minds of loyal fans who have since campaigned to no end.

Take A Bite Out Of The New Trailer For THE SHALLOWS

Long far and away from any further mention of remaking Akira, director Jaume Collet-Serra, has sunk his teeth into actress Blake Lively who leads his latest thriller, The Shallows. Sony is opening the film in June from a script by Anthony Jaswinski that sees Lively in the role of a wounded surfer forced atop a rock out to sea and into a battle of wits with a hungry great white shark 200 yards from her secluded beach getaway.

TRAIN TO BUSAN Is Packed With Anarchy In The First Teaser Ahead Of Cannes

Filmmaker Yeon Sang-Ho is setting a course for Cannes next week with a midnight premiere of his South Korean zombie epic, Train To Busan. The film is a follow-up to his 2015 anime feature, Seoul Station, now with Yeon seuging into a live-action debut with The Suspect star Gong Yoo as one of dozens of passengers aboard a KTX train fighting to survive amid a sprawling zombie uprising.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Schwarzenegger To Lead Hitman Comedy, WHY WE'RE KILLING GUNTHER

Action star, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has seen his fair share of hits and misses in his post-political career, however which way you choose to look at his films since he's left the Governor's seat in 2011. Films like zombie thriller, Maggie, proved to be an amazing experience for many next to titles like The Last Stand and Escape Plan in 2013 and David Ayer's Sabotage a year later while the much lesser-received Terminator: Genisys remains without a future of its own.

Boxing Bio, BLEED FOR THIS, Lands A November Release From Open Road

Writer and director Ben Younger has a treat for you if you're pining for a little boxing to wash your Thanksgiving dinner later this year with the new bio drama, Bleed For This. Miles Teller leads the film inspired by a true story, and one that apparently even has Martin Scorsese attached as an executive producer, so that should be pleasing for boxing aficionados looking forward to some cinema by then.

Feel The BURN In Luke Lee's Indiegogo For Singapore's First Action Thriller

Call it what you will, but it hasn't been that long since I resurrected one of Malaysian filmmaker James Lee's action concepts, Second Life, as a Hit List entry last month. It's one of several projects included in Lee's Doghouse 73 Pictures catalogue which includes a heavy population of conceptual projects that look cleverly well done and appealing enough for some serious studio dedication with the right people in company.


Director Dave Green's new film, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows is pretty much selling itself right now. It's not showing much footage than it already has but it's still teasing a little bit here and there while we finally have a synopsis going.

San Francisco Artist's OSU Tribute Delivers Kinetic Meaning

Growing up, I was a pencil artist, which is something that plays deeply into my own creative roots and adherance toward supporting creatives. I say this with no allusions in mind when I bring attention to the latest inspired work surrounding filmmaker and action director Vlad Rimburg's shortfilm endeavors with Osu since 2014, and some newly viral artwork surrounding the latest release of Osu 2.

Monday, May 2, 2016

THE HIT LIST - May 2, 2016

Welcome back to another awesome week and another equally awesome installment of the Hit List! First thing's first however, I've got some good news and bad news...

A HARD DAY: Aaron Kwok Will Lead The Chinese Remake Of The Hit South Korean Cop Thriller

Director Kim Sung-Hoon's recent cat-and-mouse crime thriller, A Hard Day, was an award-winning feat earning a slew of noms and wins as it circulated festivals between 2014 and 2015. Regrettably, it's also a film that I overlooked and having recently seen it for myself, not a day goes by that whenever someone asks me if there are any good movies out there to help kill time, that I don't mention this title first. It's that good.