Jackie Chan Leads The Voice Cast For THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE

A whole line-up of LEGO-inspired movies are in the works following the hit success of The LEGO Movie from Phil Lord and Christopher Miller,...

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Inoue's LONE WOLF AND CUB: FINAL CONFLICT To Be Remade In English Next Year

Growing up in the 70's and 80's with an affinity for Asian cinema, it's understandable to share fandom with Koike Kazuo's 1970 manga franchise, Lone Wolf And Cub, which later grew to fruition in film and television, as well as on stage. Produced from 1972 through 1974, six films were made starring Wakayama Tomisaburo as the Shogun's executioner, Ogami Itto, who journeys the land with his only son to avenge his family and redeem himself following his disgrace at the hands of a rival clan.

Monday, June 27, 2016

THE HIT LIST - June 27, 2016

This weekend was a slow one in looking for Hit List content. I also had to make a last minute edit to remove something I temporarily can't share but I do have a few treats to help make up for the light load this week...

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Looks To Ansel Elgort To Star

It was last August that details were finally ironed out and finalized for the involvement of Warner Bros. Hasbro Inc. and Sweetpea Entertainment in lieu of the upcoming production, Dungeons And Dragons. This week, news appears to be moving forward now with Deadline reporting Divergent film series co-star Ansel Elgort as the first one up for a role in the film with Rob Letterman directing as of March.

The New MORGAN Trailer Uncages Online

Director Luke Scott's new sci-fi thriller, Morgan, has an official trailer out this week following its teaser last month. I'm not much of a horror-genre person but I have my exceptions, and actress Anya Taylor-Joy's performance in the title role as sampled here seems pretty damn gripping.

Jackie Chan Leads The Voice Cast For THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE

A whole line-up of LEGO-inspired movies are in the works following the hit success of The LEGO Movie from Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, including The LEGO Batman Movie which opens next February. One other title now making the rounds courtesy of the events over at Licensing Expo 2016 in Nevada is Tron: Uprising helmer Charlie Bean's The LEGO Ninjago Movie, based on the popular toyline and with an already-running series iteration of its own on Cartoon Network.

STAR TREK: BEYOND Teases Kirk's Last Mission In The Final Trailer

Prospects are looking great for anime classic, Akira with Justin Lin currently circling the long-awaited live-action adaptation according to much fan fervor stemming from last week. Time will tell to see if and how that latest bit sticks while it's been a few years since Lin was attached to a few projects, including an iteration of Jet Li classic, Shaolin Temple.

Sheng Ding To Remake John Woo's A BETTER TOMORROW

Filmmaker John Woo is back in the limelight in recent months, and for good reasons aplenty in the wake of his latest international production launch, Manhunt, a remake of Sato Junya's 1976 thriller now slated for 2017. Since then, at least one other helmer circulating his work is actor Stephen Fung who is currently up to direct a remake of Woo's 1991 heist action comedy, Once A Thief, which also piles onto his previous efforts at another Woo title, the 1986 Hong Kong cinema classic, A Better Tomorrow.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Cam's Eye Review: RAMMBOCK: BERLIN UNDEAD (2010) Is A Zombie Story With Heart

The zombie genre has seen a lot of Americanized forms under Hollywood's and US Independent film's eyes. But when another country like Germany gets a hold of a tale for a brief 62 minutes, it is sure to be unique and memorable. Such as is Rammbock: Berlin Undead (US/Canada release 2010). An action/horror/thriller produced by Sigrid Hoerner, and released by The Collective and Bloody Disgusting Selects that partnered with AMC Theatres to bring independent horror film to screens in the United States in early 2011, we follow lovelorn Michael (Michael Fuith) in Berlin, personally returning a set of keys to his ex-girlfriend, Gabi (Anka Graczyk) while there is an outbreak of a virus that turns people into hungry carnivores. Think 28 Days Later (2002) with a German flavor. One can't help but compare Rammbock to the 2002 film but there is no particular pathogen like an infected monkey from a medical research lab as a backstory. Only media reports of people biting and infecting others are the narrative. What we are left with is just one man struggling to get back what he lost and we see from his eyes the people he interacts with.

Dante Lam's OPERATION MEKONG Unfolds In The Explosive New Trailer

Fans of those who've enjoyed the latest work from festival-acclaimed director Dante Lam and have been waiting can now breathe with a sigh of relief. With a release date now pending for the new action thriller, Operation Mekong, the first official trailer is online and in full form with a story pulled from the headlines, and told with a compelling display of action, drama and danger.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Millar Moves JUPITER'S LEGACY Adaptation Forward

You're likely to hear a lot more as you may have been about comic book author and screenwriter Mark Millar (Captain America: Civil War, Kick-Ass, Wanted Kingsman). His 2013 graphic novel, Jupiter's Legacy from Image Comics is next on deck for a big screen adaptation with Mark and Brian Gunn, siblings of Marvel movie director James Gunn, providing the script.

Emmerich Lines Up Sci-Fi Epic, MOONFALL With Universal

Director Roland Emmerich, best known for churning out uber-destructive summer blockbusters tried something a bit different with the LGBTQ drama, Stonewall. It didn't exactly pan out as much as he'd hoped, but needless to say, fans of his usual work won't be bored this weekend, or seemingly not much thereafter.

Take A Bite Out Of The New Trailer For THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS

Director Colm McCarthy's upcoming zombie epic, The Girl With All The Gifts, wasn't something I saw coming. The first official trailer arrived earlier this week though, and words nearly fail to express how solid this adaptation of M.R. Carey's 2014 novel looks.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Jason Statham Takes Killing To New Heights In The First MECHANIC: RESURRECTION Trailer

It almost feels like a return to normalcy now that we have action star Jason Statham back on our screens with the newest trailer for Dennis Gansel's Mechanic: Resurrection. The footage is as explosive and fun as you might imagine with Statham back in the role of Arthur Bishop following the firey finish of Simon West's 2011 remake of the Charles Bronson original.

Sun Honglei Will Apply His Particular Set Of Skills In A TAKEN Remake

While director Pierre Morel's 2009 thriller, Taken, was a pure hit that worked in more ways than several for action fans like myself, I can't personally agree that the second and third films did anything for me. Poorly-made editing choices - some of which are now the focal point of many a discussion (or joke) about helmer Oliver Megaton's treatment of the action sequences in the second and third films - have taken center stage with respect to the affectionately named "Bourne-style" that has become so prolific with that of the Jason Bourne movies inspired by the Robert Ludlum novels.

CALL OF HEROES Gets A Brand New Trailer!

If there's one thing I'm glad about while writing about director Benny Chan's newest period actioner, Call Of Heroes, is the guarantee that it's coming abroad as well. The film is just less than two months out from its release and host to a raft of fine acting and action talents such as Eddie Peng, Sean Lau, Louis Koo and Wu Jing leading the story of a village in 1914, wrought with danger when its protectors arrest the son of a warlord committing vicious acts of murder.