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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mark Dacascos To Direct And Star In SHOWDOWN IN MANILA In 2015

From L to R: Casper Van Dien, Alexander Nevsky and Mark Dacascos
Rising action star Alexander Nevsky has been well on his way with his post-bodybuilding career with starring and producing films in the last several years, including Black Rose last year with fellow action legend Matthias Hues. Nowadays he's resurging and it appears he's got some great company for the forthcoming February production of the new film, Showdown In Manila.

Watch The Official U.S. Trailer For TRACERS Starring Taylor Lautner

Director Daniel Benmayor's upcoming urban parkour crime thriller, Tracers, hasn't had much news prompting the virility of its most recent international trailer last week. The film has already been due for multiple releases around the world and that left many of us wondering when it would get a date stateside.


Director Tsui Hark's latest period action epic, The Taking Of Tiger Mountain is still on track for a Christmay Day 3D release in China next week, but now the word is that Well Go USA is granting a limited theatrical opening January 2, 2015 in limited cities. The film is based on late author Qu Bo's 1957 debut short novel and subsequent 1960's Beijing opera centers on a real-life event that took place in 1946 during the Chinese Civil War about a hero Communist soldier who infiltrates a gang of bandits.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Trailer For Akshay Kumar's BABY Will Beat You To A Bloody Pulp

India is a country that consistently continues to grow into itself as a beacon in the market for action cinema, bolstered by the starpower of a good number of actors and actresses in recent years. In this instance, take Akshay Kumar, whose impressive resume has endowed him largely as Bollywood's answer to stars like Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham.

Get Ready For Two Days Of DRAGONFEST Next Summer!

If you were one of the fortunate ones to attend this year's revival of Dragonfest back in May and wanted more, then you're in luck! Martial Arts History Museum's own founder and curator Michael Matsuda is already kicking things off ahead of next year's events - the second following its 2014 revival since its intial host and creator, actor Gerald Okamura back in May.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ving Rhames Takes Control In The Latest Trailer For OPERATOR

Moviegoers can expect to catch actor Ving Rhames next year alongside Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 5. In the meantime, you might take an interest in one of his latest, more intriguing roles as the mastermind behind the explosive action opposite lead actress Mischa Barton and action stars Luke Goss and Michael Pare in the new thriller, Operator, and the latest teaser presents something pretty impressive to expect as well!

Watch The Intense New Teaser For Luke Goss's Directorial Debut, YOUR MOVE

Hot off of a crazy year continuing a string of numerous upcoming action flicks between now and next year, actor Luke Goss can now be seen hard at work in the sultry new teaser for his directorial debut, Your Move. The new teaser is contemplative than anything, although it isn't long before the deceptively hypnotic imagery starts to take you to that dastardly, grisly and dark place where madness ensues on top of the fisticuffs and full-on smackdowns, as well as the occasional blood and gore...and I mean mouthfuls of it.

Indian Crime Epic, GANGS OF WASSEYPUR Gets A Two-Part U.S. Theatrical And VOD Release

It's been a couple of years since acclaimed writer, producer and director Anurag Kashyap's controversial, sprawling crime epic, Gangs Of Wasseypur, began leaving a hell of an impression among critics following its India release and festival screenings thereafter. Needless to say, there is tons of buzz driving this film, with Kashyap whose reputation is now being bolstered with comparisons the stylistically violent and brutal look of similar crime classics by Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino, which isn't to say this is not a good thing. Quite the opposite.

Watch Thrilling New Footage From Scott Mann's BUS 657

If you've seen and enjoyed director Scott Mann's 2009 action epic, The Tournament, then you might be keen on what he now has in store with his latest offering in the new movie, Bus 657 from Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films. ased on a script and story written by Stephen Sepher and Max Adams, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen, The Losers) stars as a casino card dealer whose desperate mission to rob the casino where he works ensues a much larger plot that unfolds, with high-speed chases and high-octane action that will follow.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Kung Fu Comedy, Drama, R-Rated Superheroics And Much More In This Week's Shorts Collection!

BAD CHOICE Cast From L to R: Phong Giang, Renae Moneymaker, Sam Hargrave, Cha-Lee Yoon and Can Aydin
I gotta say, this past week has been a bit exhausting. But thankfully, I was able to keep up just a bit in time to collect these new treats I know you guys might enjoy, especially if you follow comic book lore, or even silly comedy among today's selection.

Salma Hayek Actioner, EVERLY Gets Release Dates And A New Music Video

It's been a much longer-than-preferred wait, although it is safe to say that anyone eagerly awaiting the release of Knights Of Badassdom helmer, director and co-writer Joe Lynch's new movie, Everly will be nothing short of entertained, as per many of the positive responses stemming from its premiere during this year's Fantastic Fest. It's certainly a worthy wait for action film junkies looking to see actress Salma Hayek in one of her sexiest, toughest roles yet in a film often likened to Die Hard for its holiday-themed high-octane thrills, suspenseful story with tons of epic and explosive action to boot.

Darren Shahlavi Takes Aim In His Own Character Poster For ZAMBO DENDE

Actor and martial artist Darren Shahlavi is currently working on the latest reimagining of the 1989 martial arts drama, Kickboxer, for which the production just wrapped things up in New Orleans, Louisiana over the weekend with more to come. In the meantime, one other project harnessing curious onlookers is the forthcoming release of Riccardo Gabrielli R's live-action shortfilm take on the 7G Comics property, Zambo Dende, in which he plays one of the main villains, Pistol. Check it out below!

AKIRA Creator Announces His Own Push For Live-Action Treatment

Contrary to how some may feel, Hollywood adaptations of Japanese properties have long been the ire of many hardcore fans heavily active in manga and anime lore. Such has largely been the case for filmmaker, author and writer Otomo Katsuhiro whose 1982 cyberpunk action manga epic from Kodansha, Akira, has received its recent accolades more so in the world of independent film than anything, on top of its thirty-year popularity.

Watch The Stylish New Teaser For Australian Martial Arts Feature, THE CHALLENGE LETTER

Not a lot of kung fu instructors take an interest in acting or screenfighting. As for those who do, it's always appealing when you find that number of such people who are keen on expanding their craft to such a field, and impressively so. Such is the case with martial arts instructor Sifu Robert Chen of Chang Sing Tong Kung Fu Academy in Australia where he is now in the midst of his latest foray into feature length martial arts action with their current production, The Challenge Letter.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Jake La Botz Joins Adkins And Florentine For CLOSE RANGE

Details are still embryotic in the public eye at the moment for director Isaac Florentine's upcoming movie, Close Range. Nearly a year after its announcement, the film is finally moving forward after the success of his most recently completed martial arts sequel thriller, Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear, and now as the wheels start spinning with martial arts action hero favorite, Scott Adkins back on the set with Florentine once more, fans can surely expect something very promising, including a cast with some very interesting details to follow.