EXCLUSIVE: Hitman Action Horror, THE INTERMEDIATE, Casts Kevin Lukata, Begins Filming Later This Year

Filmmaker Xavier Q. Kantz is someone who I'm more than humbled to have in my own film viewing repetoire. My earliest experience was h...

Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Rock Gets A New Look In Latest FAST 8 Photo

If there's one thing that the Fast And Furious franchise has achieved in its 15-year history, it is its ability to take a seemingly rigid character or philosophy, embrace it and mold it into an evolution of itself that works in the most interesting of ways. That especially seems to be an underlying theme when it comes to the lawmakers and lawbreakers, namely actor Paul Walker at the time in the role of undercover officer Brian O'Connor on a mission to bring lead actor Vin Diesel's Dominic Toretto to justice.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Rodriguez's ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL Casts Rosa Salazar To Star

Late last year saw news that James Cameron and Lightstorm partner Jon Landau would produce an adaptation of Kishiro Yukito's hit manga, Alita: Battle Angel, with Robert Rodriguez directing. Since then, the film had not been greenlit while an actress was still being sought after, including Maika Monroe, Disney Channel favorite Zendaya, and Rosa Salazar.

Tom Hiddleston In "Advanced Talks" To Play 007

Actor Daniel Craig has had his fill as superagent James Bond, a fact known long before the release of his latest and final stint in the title role of longstanding 007 franchise, Sam Mendes's Spectre. Funny enough, it's something that people have still speculated over as if it were mere fantasy - maybe some are in denial. Who knows?

The Rock Will Be At The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time In China-Set Action Thriller, SKYSCRAPER

Actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is keeping himself busier and busier as the days go by. He's currently onto his reprisal for Fast 8 after wrapping the newly adapted feature iteration of the hit TV show, Baywatch, and he's got a batch of titles with his name attached, including a remake of Big Trouble In Little China, and the recently-announcent forward movement of a cinematic universe to build from his upcoming role in The Janson Directive.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

MEGA MAN Animated Series Moves Forward With DHX, Dentsu

In case you forgot, Capcom property Mega Man is making quite a comeback in the next few years. On one end, 20th Century Fox are currently tasked with adapting it to live-action, and on the other, a brand new animated series is in development as of last summer with Dentsu Entertainment USA, Inc. and Man Of Action Entertainment.

HARDCORE HENRY Comes Home This July From Universal

I suppose I was never going to see this on the big screen. Thankfully I got myself a new TV that performs superbly and a nice little viewing of Hardcore Henry should do me some wonders this summer. The film has been a critical hit in the past year among cinephiles and those fond of commercialized first-person storytelling as of late and time will tell just exactly what lies next from the mind of Ilya Naishuller.

Pre-Order Mike Moeller's Martial Arts Smash, ONE MILLION K(L)ICKS Today!

If there was ever someone who has consistently proven himself to be a dynamic talent in the world of martial arts on film, it would be Mike Moeller. His latest lead role in Alex Padrutt's underground fight drama, One Million K(l)icks delivers quite a feat with Moeller starring as a beleagured fighter whose internet celebrity status takes a turn for the worse, forcing him to fight his way out of the underworld.

Lionsgate Speculates On A Seven-Part POWER RANGER Film Franchise

Director Dean Israelite's Power Rangers movie is well into its production with more its release next year. In the meantime, the studio's CEO, Jon Feltheimer is reportedly already bolstering talk of a franchise that could extend to as many as seven feature films thereafter


Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson was entering the peak of his career in the late 80's by the time he started pursuing TV and film. He's had his moments since then, although nowadays with him no longer in the ring, clearly the obvious choice would be to establish himself more in entertainment, most prolifically as of late as he's done with Mike Tyson Mysteries, The Hangover comedy franchise, Algerian actioner Gates Of The Sun and Wilson Yip's latest big Donnie Yen sell, Ip Man 3.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Fukushima Rila Joins GHOST IN THE SHELL

It's been more than a month since the official announcement of production in New Zealand for the forthcoming manga adaptation, Ghost In The Shell. The conversation surrounding it has been immensely heated regarding the topic of diversity in Hollywood and the catalyst, of course, is the casting of actress Scarlett Johansson in the lead role based on Shirow Masamune's classic manga.

MIRROR'S EDGE Is Getting A Live-Action Television Series!

It's been eight years since the hit game, Mirror's Edge, took off for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 from Electronic Arts. The game has undergone its share of mobile and desktop iterations, and even introduced a prequel that centered on the origins of main character, Faith, before announcing a universal reboot last year.

Affleck's THE ACCOUNTANT Gets A New Poster

Warrior helmer Gavin O'Connor's newest for Warner Bros., The Accountant, has something notably going for itself with actor Ben Affleck starring in the title role. With his proclivity toward action stardom as of late, he's the new face of Batman which is definitely something that ought keep the doors open for the actor in this particular genre, especially with this latest endeavor from writer Bill Dubuque.

THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS Gets A Commemorative Theatrical Re-Release On June 22

Studio money grab or not, this one is not without its share of heart and soul. Often described as Point Break on wheels, director Rob Cohen's fantastical street racing crime thriller, The Fast And The Furious was a $207 million dollar hit, and consequently, the subject of a now sprawling franchise with tie-in shortfilms and several home-bound re-releases celebrating the film's long-running success.

MORGAN Menaces Online With A New Teaser

Hats off so far to Luke Scott this week in the wake of the latest campaign to push his directorial debut in the new sci-fi thriller, Morgan. EW debuted a slate of photos on Tuesday to help sample actress Kate Mara in her role among the cast with a few tidbits from Scott reflecting on the mankind's capacity to create things.

Warner Bros. Confirms Live-Action FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST For 2017, Cast Details

Earlier this year I made it my goal to brush up on as much anime as possible what with all I've been missing since life got a little busier in the past decade. Recent viewings have fortunately included a great deal of series and films, including both animated serial versions adapting Arakawa Hiromu's 2001-2010 manga publication, Fullmetal Alchemist, which, as of March, has officially been in development with director Sori Fumihiko at the helm.