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ALL THE RAGE: Actress Kerry Lacy Talks VIOLA, Filmmaking And Fighting Back

Watching Stacey Maltin's 2017 shortfilm, Viola, makes for great inspiration when daydreaming about certain female characters in any number of thrillers that could be further woven into something larger. For me, it toggles between short and longform/independent and mainstream properties and as prosperous as it is, shortform indie content makes for a great venue to tackle such ideas.
Maltin succeeded this in directing her 2017 short film hit, Viola, which is still making the rounds at festivals and starting actress and producer, Kerry Lacy. Viola is currently making the festival rounds  while only available via restricted link fron Maltin, and the imaginably, the reception has been a positive one with a sequel in tow.
"There's really nothing better than seeing people enjoy your work." says Lacy. "I feel like Viola is off to a great start and I'm just absorbing it all and trying to learn as I go so I can bring Viola to a bigger audience."
The hopes are as …

BUYBUST: Anne Curtis Bodes With A Killing Stare On The First Official Poster

One of the biggest and hotly-anticipated titles to hit the festival floor this summernow comes branded with an official first poster. Thus, it's got actress Anne Curtis emitting brutal imagery reflective of the harrowing story that is BuyBust from director Erik Matti and with screenings readying for Fantasia in Montreal and at Neuchatel in Switzerland, as well as in New York City for its closing premeire at NYAFF soon: After two decades making erotica, fantasy, horror, thrillers and a superhero comedy, Erik Matti directs his first all-out action film. And it’s relentless, featuring 309 stuntmen, 1,278 extras, and a wildly ambitious three-minute, one-cut action scene in which superstar Anne Curtis fights back hordes of thugs across rain-drenched rooftops. Curtis stars as Nina, a rookie police officer on a doomed buy-bust operation with an elite anti-narcotic squad. Matching The Raid and The Villainess in scope and body count, the director of On the Job and Honor Thy Father also tak…

ANIMAL WORLD To Unleash Puzzling Intrigue And Killer Clown Spectacle On Netflix, And In Theaters Globally Next Week!

Following its Shanghai Film Fest premiere last week, Patrick Brzeski at The Hollywood Reporter writes that Netflix users can expect Han Yan's dazzling manga adapation, Animal World, for its arrival in the coming months outside China, having acquired all global digital streaming rights. The mega streaming platform will also be joined by CMC Pictures who are said to be shepherding a hefty worldwide theatrical release along the way starting Friday, June 29.
Drifting aimlessly through life, Kaisi (Li Yi Feng: Hundred Flowers Winner Mr. Six, Guilty of Mind) has racked up debts of several million having borrowed money from his friends. Lured with the promise of writing it all off, Kaisi leaves his ailing mother and childhood sweetheart Qing (Zhou Dongyu: Golden Horse winner Soul Mate, Under the Hawthorn Tree, The Thousand Faces of Dunjia) to board the ship Destiny and attend a gambling party controlled by the mysterious Anderson (Michael Douglas: Basic Instinct, Fatal Attraction, Wall S…

BIG BROTHER: Donnie Yen Faces A New Battlefront In The Official Trailer

Donnie Yen, without question, has had his work cut out for him as of late. Nonetheless committed to not letting his fans down for another few years, his latest, Kam Kar-Wai's Big Brother stands to gain plentily for the martial arts movie crowd and now with a full trailer that lays in with all the Donnie Yen-style-fuck-you-up-ness that audiences may get a thrill out of.
All that stems from a story that tells of a former solider-turned-school teacher who otherwise applies an unorthodox methods of reaching out to his students - and juding by the trailer, often in ways that forces him to punch some faces along the way no matter to the contrary. Yen toplines the action here as well and with a cast that partly includes actress Joe Chan, upcoming Unbreakable Spirit co-star Ray Lui and actor and Yen cohort Yu Kang for an August release.
Check out the goods below!

HERETIC: John Fallon Officially Tapped To Direct Period Sword Epic In 2019

John Fallon (writer/star, American Muscle) has been hard at work developing his latest period thriller, Heretic, since taking it to the Frontières Market in Montreal last summer. To date, he will now be the one to take to the directors' chair for his next film following Michael Paré thriller, The Shelter, according to Brad Miska's reporting at Bloody Disgusting on Thursday.
1149. William and Roland, two Templars, are on their way back home after losing the second Crusade. Both men are dealing with the weight of the war and of having failed God quite differently. Roland is repentant, attempting to correct his wrongs via good deeds and kindness, while William justifies his harshness by claiming that every hardship is a test and part of “God’s will”. As if the increasing divide between the two men wasn’t enough, they also have to face a slew of deadly obstacles on their journey through a civil war torn England while being chased by a mysterious assassin with an agenda of his own.…

14 FISTS: 'Jailbreak' Star Jean-Paul Ly To Shoot New Martial Arts Thriller This Winter

The word is out! It IS official and one I've been waiting for for weeks with UK rising action star talent, actor and martial artist Jean-Paul Ly hailing late 2018 production, 14 Fists. Ly initially signaled the project at MCM London Comic Con two months ago during an exclusive showcase of PR for his latest British gangster action romp, Nightshooters, which opens on July 27 in the U.K. from exec producers Bart Ruspoli and Freddie Hutton-Mills' Ascendant Releasing banner.
Ruspoli, whose shared directing credits with Hutton-Mills includes Cryptic (2014), Clash Of The Dead (2016) and the forthcoming July release of Lionsgate UK's new sci-fi actioner, Genesis, which also took to the MCM crowd in May, will make his solo directorial debut on 14 Fists. Plot details are being kept close to the chest while the announcement on Friday is signaling the film will be a “full-blown” martial arts action film on which Ruspoli will also put pen to paper before rolling cameras sometime this …

ELVES To Terrorize The Holidays This October

Uncork'd Entertainment is rolling out a Christmas movie in time for Halloween!...

Bare with me. Indeed the film called Elves and new stills are out this week hailing the latest from director Jamaal Burden with Justin Price and Khu producing. Clover is celebrating the arrest of the Holiday Reaper, a ruthless killer that wreaked havoc on a small town in Texas. After celebrating his demise, a group of friends uncover an ancient elf inside a magical toy box. After a freak accident killing one of her friends, Clover discovers that a group of elves have been scattered thoughout town, each representing the seven deadly sins.  It's a race against time to survive the elve's wrath before Christmas ends.Elves stars Deanna Grace Congo, Stephanie Marie Baggett, Lisa May and Amy Jo Guthrie. Check out the stills below!

SIBERIA Poster: "What Would You Sacrifice For Love?"

In all certainty you either have John Wick: Chapter Three or Bill And Ted Face The Music on your mind these days for all things Keanu Reeves. To this, feel free to take a gander at the latest poster for Matthew Ross's new crime thriller, Siberia, set for a select theatrical, digital and VOD release set for July 13 from Saban Films.

When a business deal in Russia goes south, a U.S. diamond merchant (Keanu Reeves) and his lover (Ana Ularu) are caught in a lethal crossfire between the buyer and federal intelligence service. Also starring are Ana Ularu, Pasha D. Lynchikoff, Dmitry Chepovetsky, James Gracie, Eugene Lipinski and Rafael Petardi, with Veronica Ferres and Molly Ringwald from a script by Scott B. Smith and Stephen Hamel.

Check it out below!

POINT BLANK: Anthony Mackie And Frank Grillo To Star In 'Mayhem' Director's Remake For Netflix

Jeff Sneider is reporting exclusively at Collider that Anthony Mackie and Frank Grillo will headline the Netflix original English-language remake of Fred Cava's 2010 thriller, Point Blank. Everly and Mayhem helmer Joe Lynch is directing from a script by Adam G. Simon, and with Grillo producing with Joe Carnahan via their WarParty banner next to Gaumont.
The film will tackle the harrowing tale that ensues following of a nurse (Mackie) forced to spring a wounded murder suspect (Grillo) from the hospital if he is to rescue his pregnant wife from the man's brother. The two actors mark their latest film reunion since appearing in Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War.
The original film, conceived by Cavayé who co-wrote with Guillaume Lemans inspired a loose Korean remake in 2014 from director Chang titled The Target. Mark Wahlberg was once attached to the project back in 2012 with Leverage and Working Title prior to the usual evolution o…

OPINION: Star Wars Stories Are On Hold, And That's AWESOME!

Yesterday, Lucasfilm dropped a real bombshell; Star Wars Stories, the movies released between numbered Star Wars films, will be put on hold for the foreseeable future.  The angry, racist, manbaby Star Wars "fans" have no doubt pounded their chests and claimed a victory against the tyranny of Kathleen Kennedy and her Disney overlords but nothing could be further from the truth.  As an evil, SJW, Commie bastard who loved The Last Jedi, I think this is the best thing that could have happened.  Now Lucasfilm can step back and ask itself a very important question: what the hell are Star Wars Stories even supposed to be?

Despite being one of the biggest franchises since the dawn of cinema, Star Wars is in an unenviable position.  In many ways, it's become too big to fail; an institution able to coast on its name but beholdened to the expectations of its own legacy.  Nowhere was this more evident than the Star Wars Stories.  When they were first announced, I was actually more …

OFFICE UPRISING Gets A Riotous New Red-Band Trailer

I have my reasons for staving off of energy drinks. They're expensive and don't do jack for me on any given day of the week.
Of course, leave it to Braven helmer Lin Oeding to step up the warning signs with hints of bloodlust and psychomania akin to that of Joe Lynch's Mayhem. Enter Office Uprising with Brenton Thwaites leading the cast and no less forced to fight his way to freedom from rabit coworkers at an arms manufacturing outlet.
The humor definitely lends much more to a tamer tone but looks like it will have plenty of spectacle and gore for its delivery when Sony Crackle releases it on July 19. Office Uprising is set inside one of the world’s leading arms manufacturers where a substance is slipped into the employees’ drinks by the board of directors that supposedly makes them work more efficiently. Due to a slacker within the company, though, they are fed the wrong formula and start turning into homicidal maniacs — leaving the slacker needing to step up his game to res…