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Saturday, January 21, 2017

xXx: THE RETURN OF XANDER CAGE (2016): Same Zone, New Levels, All Xander

A good sequel is one that builds upon the established narrative of the original, taking it to surprising new places while developing its characters in new and interesting ways. This is a tall order, even when the first film practically lines up all the pieces FOR you. The original xXx (2002) couldn't be bothered to create any narrative foundation to build on. It was purely bombast and fury, and so when it came time to resurrect the franchise, the filmmakers did the only logical thing: Develop the bombast in new and interesting ways and populate it with more cool characters than before. The result is probably the best sequel to a xXx movie we could ever ask for.

BLACK AND BLUE IN WILLIAMSBURG: An Evening With Aaron, Cheryl, And The Spirited Presence Of A Legendary Few

Somewhere in the wintery wonderland of Brooklyn...
I've lived in Queens, New York all my life. Granted, I've been to four of the five boroughs but I've never seen much of the city in my time here, and it's one goal in my life that I hope to accomplish among others. Brooklyn is surely no exception here as I've traveled to it quite a few times in recent years; the last time I saw Brooklyn was when I went to a birthday party in Williamsburg in 2013, and before that, a New Years' Eve party for that year. And before that...well, I have no idea, probably a museum or a Circuit City when those existed but it was years ago and my head hurts trying to remember.

James Cameron Breathes New Life For Next TERMINATOR Film

On set of Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)
from Carolco Pictures
Don't ask me about Terminator: Genysis. I haven't had the chance to see that film as with a lot of films in recent memory, although I have seen clips and read and heard many reactions from moviegoers, many of whom have pretty much said that the film was bust.

Friday, January 20, 2017

SHAFT Finds Its Director In Tim Story To Reboot The Classic Hit Film

Early 2015 saw the news of a reboot of the hit 1971 blackploitation classic, Shaft, in development from Davis Entertainment's John Davis. Now, the film has reportedly solidified its creative end with the attachment of Kevin Hart: Now What? co-director Tim Story to helm the film for which its application still remains a mystery.

COMMANDO 2: THE BLACK MONEY TRAIL Leads To New Official Poster Art!

Just a little over a day after the first teaser poster for director Deven Bhojani's Commando 2: The Black Money Trail released, the new poster and three character posters arrived promptly this week featuring action star Vidyut Jammwal on the official one-sheet. The film is hitting screens on March 3 with Jammwal joined by actresses Adah Sharma, Esha Gupta and actor Freddy Daruwala for a story that returns our hero from the 2013 film to the forefront of a mission to infiltrate a global dark money ring.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Dwayne Johnson's BLACK ADAM Will Split SHAZAM In Two Movies

Long since the confirmation of actor Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam in New Line and DC Entertainment's upcoming adaptation, Shazam, it appears that the film has undergone an evolution of sorts. A report from THR has otherwise confirmed that there will be two movies instead of one, thus granting Johnson his own spin-off following his recent upworthy meeting with DC Films head Geoff Johns. Shazam was originally confirmed for its installation in the DC Cinematic Universe in 2014 as DC announced its then-official line-up.

The Insurrection Begins In A Clip From BUSHWICK

Directors Cary Murnion and Jonathan Milott are about to realize one of America's biggest nightmares in the upcoming midnight Sundance premiere of Bushwick. Front and center is actress Brittany Snow who emerges from a subway only to find the titular Brooklyn neighborhood swept into a deadly insurrection by a private military aimed at seceding Texas and other participants from the union.

Vidyut Jammwal Is Blinded By Money In The First Teaser Artwork For COMMANDO 2

Dilip Ghosh's 2013 actioner, Commando: A One Man Army, was a rousing affair, notably for its nostalgic title which all but further helped solidify Hindi actor and martial artist Vidyut Jammwal in the eyes of moviegoers. Interestingly it wasn't long before a sequel was greenlit and it was anyone's guess who would join in apart from actress Adah Sharma, and the current crop now wrangled together debut helmer Deven Bhojani for the upcoming release of Commando 2 on March 3.

Two New LOGAN Trailers Let All The Bloody Claws Out!

It's a crazy week for trailers and the latest from 20th Century Fox guarantees no exception on said craziness. For many a Marvel or X-Men fan, March 3 is already set in stone as the new movie, Logan, marks the latest from director James Mangold in the aforemention comic book franchise starring Hugh Jackman.

Morphin', Martial Arts, Megazords And More In The Official Trailer For POWER RANGERS

It's about time we saw some action here in Dean Isrealite's Power Rangers. It's the new film adapting original Japanese IP and its Ameritoku crossover in the 90's and while we had only a teaser to go by last year, we finally get a full trailer that gives us the goods.