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Korean Action Drama, A BITTERSWEET LIFE, Is Getting A Remake With Michael B. Jordan Starring

Director Kim Jee-Woon's 2005 action drama, A Bittersweet Life, certainly lended one of the most brutal and memorable titles Korean cinema had to offer near the start of the millenium with actor Lee Byung-Hun front and center. Fast forward to present day where Twentieth Century Fox is poised to advance a remake effort with the promise of actor Michael B. Jordan leading the cast.
Jennifer Yuh, Nelson (Kung Fu Panda 2, Kung Fu Panda 3) is being tapped to direct the remake with the goal of steering it as potential franchise starter with Jordan playing a high-level mob enforcer who becomes romantically embroiled in a deadly cover-up with his boss's young mistress. 21 Laps's own Shawn Levy, Dan Levine and Dan Cohen are producing in association with CJ Entertainment with Jason Young overseeing for Fox.
Jordan is next slated to appear in the February 16, 2018 release of Creed helmer Ryan Coogler's Marvel adaptation, Black Panther, opposite lead star Chadwick Boseman. (Deadlin…

Review: BUSHWICK Catches You Between The Mood, New York City, And Civil War

Fast forward three years later and having proven themselves in the public arena with the 2014 horror favorite, Cooties, directing duo Cary Murnion and Jonathan Milott are back with their latest conceptual head-turner. It is one that stems from darker auspices eeriely forecast through a nightmarish lens unto today's American politics for something of pure fantasy and, ultimately, a show of strength in character-driven storytelling that is sure to leave an impression.
For better or worse, Bushwick, in part, accomplishes this in the course of its kinetic, steadily and often fast-moving pace from a script by Nick Damici and Graham Reznick. Actress Brittany Snow takes the lead with actor Dave Bautista as the two shepherd the narrative in the respective roles of Lucy and Stupe, oddly and reluctantly paired as they fight to survive deadly skirmishes with an invading Texas militia canvassing the neighborhood with deadly force as part of a multiterritorial effort toward seceding from the …

Review: THE DEFENDERS Holds The Line For Future Shows

Netflix's rollout of Marvel shows - Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage were all very exceptional shows. Despite their own sets of minimal technical flaws, all three programs delivered principal characters that fans could otherwise relate to on many levels, and with some neat action scenes to boot. And then came Iron Fist, a series whereby somewhere along the line, frankly, somebody dropped the ball.
Indeed, I defended that show for the sake of giving it a chance, as well as actor Finn Jones who took so much heat from comic book fanboys for being cast as forbearing billionaire and rebirthed kung fu warrior, Danny Rand, that at one point, he left Twitter so he could focus on his work. As it stands, that series is on deck for a second season whether you loved or hated the show's first, and with a new showrunner which, in the albeit good company of this four-piece superhero culmination from creators Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez, stands to make things more optimistic.
If you…

A Case For Better Action Movies: Indie Crime Thriller JACKSON BOLT Strikes With Low-Brow Resolve

Normally when I screen an independently-produced film, I offer as much of a curve as I possibly can while reviewing. I'm a regular advocate of DIY filmmaking for creatives who have observed their own respective talents and strive to build themselves and bring good storytelling and equally fierce screenfighting to the fray in their projects. Some are zero-budgeted while others have some type of investment involved with a crew of enough experienced people to help bring the essential pieces together for a single movie. Conclusively, when it works, it works.
That said, I'm not going to go into the specifics regarding the development and history leading up to the production of a'Ali DeSouza's feature debut, Jackson Bolt, starring actor and decorated martial artist, Robert Parham. My knowledge on that end is nil. However, what I do know, pertaining to the latter statement of my introductory paragraph, is that while when a film works when all the right and functional pieces …

Tim Story's SON OF SHAFT Casts Jesse T. Usher For The Lead; Jackson, Roundtree Returning

New Line Cinema is still moving forward with Tim Story's installment of the iconic 1970's action franchise vehicle, Shaft, and the word now is that its found its star in Independence Day: Resurgence actor Jesse T. Usher. Also of note is the return of star of John Singleton's 2000 Shaft reboot, actor Samuel L. Jackson, along with that of actor Richard Roundtree who cameoed in the movie.
Titled Son Of Shaft, Davis Entertainment's own John Davis is producing the film along with Black-ish creator Kenya Barris whose script will see Usher as the once estranged son of Jackson's character, an FBI agent and a cyber expert forced to reluctantly pair up with his father, ensuing a clash between the old school and new school ways of crimefighting. The original film, directed by Gordon Parks and heralded by its popular title track from award-winning recording artist Isaac Hayes, was a phenomenon with Roundtree starring in the title role - a badass New York detective who infiltr…

JOJO'S BIZZARE ADVENTURE: DIAMOND IS UNBREAKABLE: Watch The First Thirteen Minutes Of Miike Takashi's Live-Action Manga Thriller!

It remains to be seen when exactly we'll see some acquisition news regarding Miike Takashi's second of two anime adaptations this summer, JoJo's Bizzare Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable. Apart from that, all one needs to know is that the reactions have all but largely fared well by those who've managed to spy an eye on the spooky live-action fantasy horror treatment of Araki Hirohiko's longstanding anime about a high school student's journey of self-discovery amid epic battles with "stand users" that soon start to affect the quiet town of Morioh.

The film opened in Japan on August 4 following festivals premieres at Neuchatel and at Montreal's Fantasia Festival. With more updates pending on its rollout, Warner Bros. Japan has been unveiling a series of clips online with our cast in action, as well as some of the striking VFX work put into showcasing the "stands". I also realize that not everyone has seen the anime or read its manga, so …

MRS. K Gets A New Trailer And Poster For Its Malaysia Release

Writer/producer/director Ho Yuhang's newest thriller, Mrs. K, is running high just off of a film festival mile with locations like Shanghai, Busan, Slovakia, Osaka and Taipei as well as events throughout the U.K., Australia and the U.S.. Now poised for an official release in Malaysia, a new trailer has already begun making the rounds with none other than award-winning actress Kara Wai hailing in what's been said to be her final action film role along with actors Wu Bai, Simon Yam and Faizal Hussein. Mrs K is a housewife who lives in a quiet suburban neighborhood with her husband Mr K and their daughter Lil’ K. One day, a stranger shows up to blackmail Mrs K. He’s an ex-cop who knows about her unseemly past. But he doesn’t seem to pose much threat and she punishes him, hoping that he would back off. That is only a prelude to the immanent terror. Soon, Lil’ K is kidnapped. Mrs K is forced out of her sheltered life to face an old enemy. The film is also produced by Lina Tan, Lorn…

Patty Jenkins Will Direct WONDER WOMAN 2

Just as fans have hoped, it became clearer on Thursday evening that filmmaker Patty Jenkins was more than qualified to return to the director's chair for the upcoming Wonder Womansequel. With payday kinks still being worked on, reports finally came in more than two and a half months after the film's principal release that the acclaimed Monster helmer was in final talks to return for the second film reprising actress Gal Gadot in the title role once more.
The first film was a long-awaited feat after years of having the character presented in comic book pages by creator William Moulton Marston, as well as on television and other media and merchandise. Written by Allan Heinberg and hailed with a powerful score by Rupert Gregson-Williams, the movie follows Gadot's portrayal from her debut in last year's Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, exploring the primary tale of young, ambitious Diana whose idyllic life on the interdimensional Amazonian island of Themyscira is chal…

Disney/Lucasfilm Confirm Obi-Wan Kenobi Spin-Off, Stephen Daldry In Talks To Direct

It's been a thing of internet rumor soup for some time now, but all centering on a spin-off for Star Wars mainstay, Obi-Wan Kenobi now appears to be taking shape at long last. Of course, it comes at a pretty hefty time for fans of the Disney/Lucasfilm library who may be somewhat weary of what to expect with the current handling of the new Han Solo standalone film now being overseen by Ron Howard as of June.
They're not wrong and concern is a good thing at this juncture. Thus, one hopes the process for this latest move will go smoother for Oscar-nominated Stephen Daldry (Billy Elliott, The Hours) who is reportedly in early talks to direct the movie. A script still needs writing and roles still need casting while it is not yet clear if actor Ewan McGregor will succeed his portryal of the character as seen in the Star Wars prequels (1999-2005) from director George Lucas. McGregor suceeded the iconic role following that of actor Alec Guiness whose memorable portrayal of the nomad…

BLOODLINES: Universal Sets Adaptation With Channing Tatum To Star

I'm still holding out for a Gambit movie...
Yes, I will beat that dead horse until kingdom come...but, I digress. Upcoming Logan Lucky and Kingsman: The Golden Circle actor Channing Tatum still has a career to tend to and he'll be doing so moreover with his latest attachment to star in upcoming crime thriller, Bloodlines. A rookie FBI agent named Scott Lawson is assigned to the border town of Laredo, Texas, where he writes reports about the drug war but doesn’t get to do much else. Until he’s asked to check out an anonymous tip that a horse sold for a record price at an Oklahoma auction house. The buyer: Miguel Trevino, one of the leaders of the Zetas, a brutal Mexican drug cartel. Teaming up with a more experienced agent named Alma Perez, the FBI agent discovers an opportunity to infiltrate a cartel that has taken to launder its drug money through American quarter horse racing. Universal Pictures has optioned the rights to author and National Magazine Award-winning journalis…